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Washington in a Race with Moscow for Mapping a New Syria | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Latakia airbase used by Moscow for Russian air force operations

Latakia airbase used by Moscow for Russian air force operations

Latakia airbase used by Moscow for Russian air force operations

Beirut- Syria, which has turned into an arena for Washington and Moscow power races, is witnessing recent efforts on military reinforcement especially in northern districts. The battle on power amplified after American experts allegedly arrived in Kobane, located north Syria, and have begun studies and mapping of necessary military measures for establishing an airbase in the area. Should the airbase be successfully erected it would be the second U.S. airbase added to the one in Rmelan in the al-Hasakah Governorate northeast of Syria.

Despite the United States Department of Defense denying any attempts on arranging for military airbases north of Syria, under the name of countering ISIS, Kurdish Kobane leaderships confirmed the validity of the data on the intentions of establishing the military base.

Two main political analyses arose on the obscurity surrounding the establishment. The first one being an attempt for outlining the new Syrian map should the division or “erected federalism” project, proposed by the Russians, take place. As for the second, it would be that the U.S. is sending a message to Ankara that Washington is capable of letting go of the help it is receiving from the Turkish Incirlik Air Base, after Turkish officials having threatened to shut down gates for U.S. warplanes.

Pentagon Spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told reporters on Monday that no airbases are occupied or under construction in Syria. However, he did reveal that it is not a surprise that his country has agents working in Syria, and that preparations arrived to the grounds there by certain means that shall remain confidential.

People’s Protection Units(YPG) military official Idris Na’san told Asharq Al-Awsat that it is only natural for U.S. officials to deny any data exposed, in order to avoid any extortion they might be subjected to from other regional players, “which is why they are avoiding any public and direct revelation” .

“U.S. denial does not revoke the truth of them assuming the establishment of this air base. There are eyewitnesses to the ground procedures being conducted,” Na’san added.

Free Syrian Army Commander Col. Ahmed Rahal said that the airbase, if established, would be an indicator for the possibility of the division project taking place. Areas will be assigned to each of Syrian and Russian influential dominance.

Rahal told Asharq Al-Awsat that “in case of the division realizing, north of Syria will become a Kurdish state under U.S. influence, and the Alawites government in western Syria will fall under Russian influence. All the aforementioned translates into an attempt on striking down the efforts of the Syrian people who will never accept their country being divided.”

Rahal went on saying that the issue on dividing Syria doesn’t worry the Syrians alone, but also worries all neighboring countries. A proof to that is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Tehran and later on both Ankara and Tehran’s declaration on refusing any division taking place. If Syria was broken down into smaller states, that would mean that Turkey, Iran and most other countries with diverse ethnicities and sects will later also be divided.

“The current state of affairs means that dangers of such a project do exist, and that what constitutes a federalism is being forecast,” Rahal commented.

“The Syrian regime violates the truce near borders of the Alawite statehood, meanwhile the Russians are violating the ceasefire near Aleppo,” he added.