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Regime Forces, Iranian Militias Mobilize in Syrian ‘South Triangle’ | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Beirut-The Syrian regime has called for reinforcements from its forces and an Iranian militia to the axes of the “Triangle of Death” that links Daraa to Quneitra and Damascus in preparation for a broad attack on areas under control of the opposition, trying to regain what it had lost during the latest battles.

Meanwhile, armed opposition factions announced their preparations to face any advance by the regime forces on these axes, and the escalation on the fighting fronts reached the northern and eastern Hama rural areas, which were the target of dozens of raids.

The “Southern Front” factions in the Syrian Free Army has announced in a statement its readiness for an anticipated military operation by the regime in the ‘Triangle of Death.’

Activists from the opposition in Daraa outskirts said the regime has sent “huge military reinforcements to the front including tanks and dozens of Lebanese Hezbollah militants in conjunction with aerial and artillery bombings over several Syrian towns and villages.

For its part, the opposition Shaam News Network revealed that a large number of military ranks, armored personnel, carriers, and soldiers went to Daraa as part of a plan to reoccupy the Manshiyya neighborhood, which was taken over by the opponents a few days ago.

The network stressed that all the militants are from Shiite militias, who were done with controlling Aleppo and have moved forward to the South to carry on another battle.

“The large military crowds of Assad and Shiite militias seek control over Manshiyya neighborhood and would even go further to take over Daraa al-Balad,” a military opposition leader in Daraa said.

The Southern front is part of an agreement signed in the Astana meetings to reduce the tension and make this area safe under the Russian-Turkish-Iranian agreement.