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Aleppo Rebels Threaten Attrition War as Russian Jets Commit Mass Genocide - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive
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Beirut- Russian air campaign intensified over the last few days, incessantly bombarding eastern rebel-held neighborhoods of Aleppo.

Regime forces, backed by Iranian proxies and Russian air force, have recorded an unprecedented number of attacks against east Aleppo. Civilian compounds were leveled down, with droves of eastern Aleppo residents meeting their fate at a regime-staged genocide. The usage of ultra-destructive thermobaric weaponry was registered.

Syria’s armed opposition had vowed to sustain attrition warfare, and that the Moscow-sent fleets to the Mediterranean wouldn’t win the regime or Russia the war. Opposition forces drew parallels with the 70’s vicious Vietnam War and the outlook on the Syria civil war.

Activists said on Thursday that Aleppo had once again lived a day of renewed pounding as pro-regime warfare carried out over 50 air raids and 300 shelling attacks. The raids led to the death of at least 35 civilians and the injury of hundreds.

The bombardment of eastern Aleppo was received as a part of a wider military escalation by the Syrian regime and its allies, including Russia, against Syrian opposition forces.

Free Syrian Army Commander Abu Ahmed Al-Asimi says that an international consensus on settling the Syria crisis via military options has been found–Russia’s recent roll back from the International Criminal Court (ICC) membership is a well-calculated move to absolve it from facing punishment for its war crimes in Syria.

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat, Asimi adds that political options for a settlement have become hopeless.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based organization that monitors the war, said shelling and air strikes from helicopters and jets hit the eastern half of the city, causing severe damage. Air strikes also hit rebel-held areas west and south of Aleppo.

FSA commander Asimi further adds that the opposition will retaliate, and that an altered military option is still sustainable for the rebels. “A change in combat strategy will be taking place, to compensate for the regime forces knowledge with the one currently in action,” he said.

“We are heading towards a critical new war standing, the situation in Aleppo has become extremely dangerous—and what is more dangerous is the international inactivity,” Asimi said.