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Qaeda’s Leadership Rise following ISIS Defeat - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive
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Cairo – An Egyptian study has warned from possible threats from Al-Qaeda in the region; it reported that the defeat of ISIS in the alleged “Caliphate Land” in Syria and Iraq has offered Al-Qaeda a new chance to recapture the leadership of terrorist groups around the world. Experts said that Ayman al-Zawahiri has focused in his last speeches on the West as a far enemy and on a near one pointing to Arab ruling regimes and ISIS.

Al-Qaeda has been considered among the organizations which were launched based on the intellect of the Muslims Brotherhood group, Al-Qaeda was established by Abdullah Azzam, one of the historic leaders of the Brotherhood. Azzam joined the Jihadist factions in Amman in 1967 and went to Afghanistan in the early eighties to attract members from across Arab countries and to establish Al Qaeda.

Observers see that many groups and terrorist organizations that backed Al-Qaeda have pledged allegiance to ISIS over the past months, which raised hatred and conflict among leaders of the two organizations. However, sources said that Zawahiri will seek to recruit more members after the defeats of ISIS.

The study stated that the so-called Caliphate has approached its end after ISIS loss and its withdrawal from Iraq following the international attacks against it, in addition to the blockade it has faced, and the deterioration of its military, media, and financial resources.

This huge failure will encourage extremist members on joining Al-Qaeda, which maintained its ties with other extremist groups such as Taliban in Pakistan.

It is worth mentioning that ISIS has lost the control of Dabiq after its liberation by the Free Syrian Army, and has faced successive defeats in Iraq.

According to the study prepared by Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyya, the retrogression of ISIS and the revival of Al-Qaeda’s project means that extremist plans will be focused against the “far enemy”’ the West, mainly the United States and its allies in the European countries.

The study finally warned from mainly focusing on ISIS and neglecting the activities of Al-Qaeda because they only target the western countries, given that both organizations perform based on the same intellect.