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Study: 35,000 Pregnant Women in ISIS-Controlled Territories | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Syrian women. AFP

Cairo-More than 35,000 women living in ISIS-controlled areas in Syria and Iraq are currently pregnant, according to a new Egyptian report.

The study carried out by “Marsad al-Azhar” in Cairo said that schools in these territories are similar to training camps, and books include pictures of rifles and tanks.

An Egyptian source said that “there are five-year-old children who are being trained to kill and cut throats.”

ISIS is also using children as message-bearers, spies and fighters, said the source.

According to the report, ISIS is forcing children to carry out executions. “These children are doomed to die in fighting since the day they were born.”

Sources believe that the ISIS approach is derived from the Nazis in Germany because they treat and raise children in the same manner.

“The organization is pushing children and minors into wars and fighting, which they know nothing of,” they said.

The Egyptian study stressed that the terrorist group is hinging on children to guarantee the transition of its thoughts and teachings from one generation to the other.

The ISIS logic lies in having as many children as possible in the areas under its control, where there are currently more than 35,000 pregnant women.

The newborns will grow into becoming children who would join the ranks of the terrorist group, said the study.

It also revealed that ISIS is kidnapping women, using them as sexual slaves and forcing them into having children to use them later on as “laborers” for the organization.

School books in the elementary stage include photos of guns and tanks, said the study, adding that the terrorist group has created a curriculum that brainwashes children at schools that resemble training camps.

The Egyptian source said that ISIS is influencing children and minors by forcing them to adopt beliefs that they would get an education for the purpose of serving Allah and by making them accustomed to scenes of violence and murder.

The study said that a new generation of recruits has been trained by ISIS to carry out terrorist activities at an early age. They have been manipulated by learning extremist thoughts.

The terrorist group believes that these recruits are the “best” and “purest” fighters, the study added.