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Egyptian Study: ISIS Is Resorting to Deviousness | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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People and vehicles are seen caught in a traffic jam in front of the Central Bank / Reuters

Cairo – A recent Egyptian study revealed that ISIS’ latest operations in Orlando and France broke the “Security Barrier” within American and French citizens, adding that ISIS changed its weaponry strategy.

According to Egyptian observers, ISIS will resort to executing individual operations in the western countries, saying that ISIS is trying to rule new territories and enroll new members.

Hours after the Orlando attack in U.S., ISIS claimed responsibility for a knife attack in France that killed a policeman and his wife. ISIS also claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Paris in November 2015.

Observers believe that ISIS will never stop resorting to “lone wolves” for operations whether they use advanced weapons or primitive tools like knives.

In addition, observes stated that ISIS is only concerned with more blood shedding as it instructs its members to kill as much civilians they can and by any means available to create chaos and terror.

The study, issued by Fatwa Monitoring Observatory at Dar al-Iftaa, said that ISIS is varying its methods to avoid being predictable giving it an advantage for more chaotic and criminal activities.

According to the study, ISIS’ latest attacks mean that USA and France are now exposed to any possible terrorist operations. The study expected another attack before the end of Ramadan month in response to ISIS spokesperson Abo Mohammd al-Adnani who called for more attacks against U.S. and European countries.

The study explained that measures taken by Western countries to prevent members from leaving their countries and joining ISIS had had two outcomes: positive and negative.

The positive outcome prevented any support from reaching ISIS and thus weakened and isolated the organization. Whereas, the negative one meant that fighters who couldn’t reach their leadership had to execute their attacks within European territories.

The study also mentioned that ISIS is adopting “devious” techniques by executing concurrent attacks in different countries, something all countries should be aware of and meet by a countering strategy.

In addition, the study mentioned that besides military coordination, intellectual and cultural cooperation is needed to differentiate between terrorism, extremism and Islam. The study warned of counter violence represented by Islamophobia, especially that the largest Islamic European community is found in France.

Sources in Egypt said that ISIS is using its “devious” techniques by withdrawing from areas that are under attack and occupying unexpectedly new areas with additional members and resources.

The sources also confirmed that this strategy is derived from ISIS’ motto: “Remaining and Expanding” which was declared by the alleged leader “Abo Baker al-Baghdadi” in 2014.