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Refugees… Terrorism’s Last Bet | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Syrian refugees, Getty Images

Cairo- Escaping the worst of two evils, refugees faced with inevitable death arrive to Europe fleeing the hell hauled over by oppressive regimes and dire circumstances.

Asylum seekers abandoning their homes now realize that terrorist organizations need to recruit them and execute their terrorist schemes.

Experts monitoring developments of refugee affairs confirm that terrorist organizations, chiefly ISIS, had forced most of Syrians and Iraqis to illegally cross borders into Europe in a quest for asylum. Refugees have no choice but to escape the incessant brutality the terrorist organization exercises against them, experts explained.

On the other hand, refugees believe that there really is a paradise and a decent living awaiting them on the other side, in Europe. However, their frail dreams are awakened by the cruel reality of ongoing demeaning treatment topped with authority neglect for their caretaking and humanitarian rights.

Observers read into Europe’s fear stemming out of speculations on the mass numbers of incoming refugees being a backdoor plan on Islamic indoctrination of their countries.

Forcing children to return home at the age of 18 is a latent opportunity handed to terrorist organizations like ISIS, which would recruit them in a heartbeat.

Recently, the worldwide spread of refugees has increased notably due to the dwindling political and economic affairs, which lit conflicts that left people drowning in a sense of insecurity and thus urging them -in large flocks- to seek refuge in safer countries.

International statistics clarify that the global cumulative of refugees is estimated to be somewhere around a striking 60 million, among which 14 million were displaced in 2014alone. U.N. papers show that lead countries disseminating refugees are Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and Afghanistan.

Observers believe that ISIS deliberately targets refugee camps, only to later reap of the benefit of the crisis. ISIS exploits increasing numbers of refugees so that it is easier for its terrorists to enter Europe, as they are implanted among the scores of refugees herded by distress into Europe.

ISIS also plans on playing the refugee card to its favor on the international political arena, eventually earning international recognition.

Experts say that the refugee case, which stirs a lot of controversy in the West, is nothing but a mere power used by regional players to have their demands met. Countries attempting to curb the numbers of refugees flowing into them, have yet not taken any strict and assertive measures to root out the issue as whole.

Wars have chiefly contributed to refugees winding up in masses at those countries in the first place.

According to UNHCR Refugee Protection, the number of children who were uprooted is over 1.1 million out of a total 2.2 million registered refugees. Which means that over half of the world’s refugees are minors; children, whom whether accompanied by their parents or not, are seeking asylum.

What is more is that children are refusing registration as minors, and request to be treated as adults, so that they are eventually provided with job opportunities.

A major part of the children escaping the camps initially are seeking labor opportunities; so that they can pay off the thousands of Euros they owe traffickers who smuggled them into European grounds.

Until this moment, it is regrettable that European police departments, in locations with high rates of illegal minor refugees, are not fulfilling their humanitarian duties on protecting those children seeking out refuge. The widespread neglect only makes it easier for terrorist organizations to kidnap and force recruitment to their content.

The fear of the Islamic indoctrination of Europe rises amid the recently increased waves of refugee influx into the union. The fears have been bluntly expressed from within the European Parliament as several members of parliament delivered their speeches. MPs announced their growing fears on both the obnoxiously grave influx of refugees and the dangers of terrorists coming in among them undetected.