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ISIS Uses Women, Children as Human Shields | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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ISIS operated Humvee – source Reuters.

Cairo – Strategic Security Experts in Egypt said that ISIS has decided to execute all people who try to escape from the territories of the alleged Caliphate in Syria and Iraq – all ISIS’s execution operations have been implemented in public places to intimidate all people who may think to escape.

Experts asserted that ISIS executes on daily basis many of its members who try to escape from Mosul to flee the battles and attacks launched by the Iraqi army – experts noted that ISIS uses woman and children as human shields to intimidate people, which shows the organization’s fall-back and the success of the International Coalition’s attacks.

Experts’ information matched a new Egyptian study reporting that the organization has used women and children as human shields to confront the operations of the Iraqi Army and U.S.-led International Coalition forces. The same study called to deprive the organization from any chances to use people as human shields in its terrorist acts that kill and wound myriads of people among Iraqis.

In July, Fawaz Al-Ali, known as Abu Ali Shari, a Sharia judge of ISIS in Raqqa, has justified the execution of members who try to escape from the organization’s ranks and civilians who may expose ISIS’s members to dangers by providing inquiries.

The terrorist organization obliges women and children to accompany its members to cover its withdrawal from Mosul.

ISIS has ascended its savage acts against civilians this time, and killed around 20 men who were trying to leave Mosul in small boats, and took children and women from their families and moved them to unknown place. Earlier this month, ISIS also killed 46 young men and women who sought to flee the forced recruitment.

Analysts say that escaping from the so-called Caliphate Land is the dream of thousands of people who live under the control of ISIS – many of them tried to escape despite the climate difficulties and the threats they face.

According to non-official statistics, in January, ISIS executed 14 Iraqis and 13 Syrians who sought to run away, and implemented around 10 suicide bombings attacks in both Syria and Iraq.

Observers said that ISIS has imposed a USD600 fine on people who want to leave their regions in Iraq, they also highlighted a remarkable ascension in ISIS’s savagery through executions, burning, and torturing practices against civilians; these developments emphasize the growing pressures on the organization and the regression of its control over territories in Syria and Iraq.

Security Expert Kamal Moghrabi said that ISIS has witnessed a major blast, as it has sought to maintain its control over the territories it occupied, while it is obliged to execute many of its members daily. The expert revealed that many of the organization members try to escape by providing false excuses like physical problems and plans to launch suicide attacks. Moghrabi added that ISIS’ exploitation for children under 12 years old violates international agreements and charts that protect children rights.

The Egyptian study revealed that ISIS has turned the western part of Mosul into a big prison for the city’s residents, and banned people from leaving to the eastern side; ISIS also uses children as bombed bodies to attack in the region where the Iraqi Forces control.

The Egyptian study stated that ISIS’s practices in using children and women violate all the values of religious and humanitarian principles and the teachings of different religions – it also added that the majority of ISIS’s victims are Muslims from Libya, Syria, and Iraq – which means that the organization’s savagery does not differentiate people when it decides to kill anyone. The study considered that ISIS insists on its draconian practices to oblige people on joining it, despite that Islam does not justify such acts.

ISIS has also suffered from the escape of its foreign members once they discover the falseness of its religious “slogans” and ideas, where most of them decide to leave the land of the alleged Caliphateto return to their countries.

Expert Moghrabi also highlighted that the excessive release of videos featuring execution scenes for members who tried to escape is a clear evidence of the organization’s weakness in maintaining its ranks convergence and coherence.

He added that the main challenge currently facing the organization is to survive amid the wave of “escapees” that’s dominating its members – reports said that ISIS has confiscated passports of its foreign members to prevent them from splitting from it and running away.