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ISIS Sets Sight on Recruiting Females | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The document is the first of its kind to be released by ISIS’ all-female police force, the Al-Khansa Brigade (pictured), and while it claims not to have been written or approved by ISIS’ leadership, it provides a disturbing look at the way women living under the terror group’s barbaric regime can expect to be viewed and treated

Cairo- A recent Egypt-based study revealed that the hard-line terror group is resorting to female recruitment with ISIS militiamen fleeing locations in Syria and Iraq.

In order for females to join the ranks of ISIS, they should meet the requirements of being between 18-25 years old, single in addition to absolute commitment to any task handed down by the terror organization. The Egypt-based study cites that the new female recruits are being offered as low as $50 a month as compensation.

A well-informed source said that ISIS falling back on recruiting young females and singles might be hinting a new form of procedures being employed. Females are viewed as the weaker link, easier to persuade due to harsh life conditions they endure. Resorting to females can also mean that a male youth within the organization’s ranks started displaying rejection to following command.

The source added that the terror group is exploiting the pious side of young single females and their desire for martyrdom. Moreover, the hard-line group depends on the young females’ impulsiveness in which they would not question tasks before execution.

The study also sheds light on the propaganda being employed to attract female initiatives, and how it differs from the one addressing male recruits.

Unlike the gruesome violence-centered campaign featuring decapitation and spreading fear, ISIS lures-in females with a family-headlining campaign which promotes the joys of the familial life within the organization and the ‘honor’ found in birthing fighters who would serve the self-declared ‘Islamic’ caliphate.

ISIS had claimed responsibility for the January Cameroon suicide attacks, where four female suicide attackers killed 32 and injured another 86.

The Egypt-based source revealed that the terror organization aims at recruiting single females and providing them with arms and suicide operation training.

Most of the females are expected to stage their suicide attacks in the West, and are being invested in so that a new generation of radical fighters is created.

After being recruited through online social media, the recruited females would then take a trip to land under the self-declared caliphate’s control to marry one of the male extremists.