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‘Hollywood Smile’ … not Just for Celebrities | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie / Reuters

Beirut- Cosmetic dentistry has recently witnessed remarkable interest among the Lebanese – not only among celebrities- who aim to enhance their appearance.

Many renowned figures have resorted to cosmetic dentistry surgeries. Lebanese Director Said El Marouk has followed such treatments to change his appearance especially that he lacked a beautiful smile when he was a kid.

Commenting on his experience, Marouk said that after he underwent these treatments, he has seen a drastic change, which had positive reflections on other people; they gazed at his face and asked him on the reason behind the obvious change in his look, he told Asharq Al-Awsat.

The global trend known as “the Hollywood Smile” tops the list of beauty treatments made in private clinics for huge sums ranging between USD5,000 and USD20, 000, which differ based on the number of teeth the treatment covers.

According to the Lebanese Dental Association, the beauty treatment for one tooth costs USD400 and may sometimes reach USD650 based on the type of the material used.

But what pushes Lebanese people to undergo these teeth beauty treatments? Dr. Majd Mouawad (dentist specialized in cosmetic dentistry surgeries) said that each patient has his private reason; some of them feel that their smile is not attractive, others undergo such treatments to repair a damage caused in an accident, while many consider these treatment a long-term investment in their smile for a better dental health.

Mouawad noted that like any other beauty treatment, the number of women (65 percent) seeking dentistry surgeries is larger than men (35 percent).

According to Mouawad who makes such surgeries for celebrities, politicians, and social figures, the smile represents an important factor in people’s appearance.

A recent survey in the United States showed that employers tend to recruit people who have beautiful smiles, because they give a more positive impression about the company while dealing with customers.

These beauty treatments first appeared in Lebanon in the nineties; but in the few past years, cosmetic dentistry has become a trend, according to Prof. Carlos Khairallah, chairman of the Lebanese Dental Association.

The main problem in the dental and other beauty surgeries is that people, influenced by commercials or social media promotions, do not visit the right expert, he stated. Khairallah noted that experts of dental surgeries in Lebanon are very few, but those who work in this field are many.

The Lebanese Dental Association’s chairman asserted that many cases do not require surgical processes and can be treated with a simple teeth whitening technique.

Usually, the highest demand on dental beauty surgeries, mainly the Hollywood Smile, comes from businesspersons, while actors, singers, and celebrities see it as a major factor to enhance their appearances on stage.

If people cannot afford the demanded sum required for these treatments, dentists can use a cheaper type of ceramic for the back teeth. Some people undergo this surgery only for their front teeth, while others, who have a wide smile, are forced to change all of them.

Dr. Majd Mouawad says the expert should personally work on the client’s smile and how to form it in order to suit the face’s features. Mouawad notes that such surgeries aim to give people a younger appearance.

However, these surgeries are not free of negative effects, especially when made by non-specialized dentists; they may affect the chewing process, cause wrinkles around the mouth area, and slouch the lips.