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Clinton and Sanders in a democratic debate in Flint, Michigan

Clinton and Sanders in a democratic debate in Flint, Michigan

Clinton and Sanders in a democratic debate in Flint, Michigan

Washington- Bernie Sanders has beaten Hillary Clinton in the Maine caucuses, the latest contest in the battle to be the Democratic presidential candidate.

With 91% of the vote counted, Vermont Senator Sanders is polling 64%, while former Secretary of State Clinton has 36%.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders held a fierce and substantive debate in Flint, Michigan, on Sunday night, disagreeing over trade, guns and the auto industry bailout while joining forces to call for the resignation of state governor Rick Snyder over the city’s water contamination crisis.

Democratic presidential debate focused heavily on the lead crisis in this majority African American city, as well as differences between the candidates on issues of trade, jobs, guns and fracking.

They exchanged accusations on economy and trade, with Clinton saying her rival voted against a bailout of the US car industry in 2009.

“We have our differences and we get into vigorous debate about issue, but compare the substance of this debate with what you saw on the Republican stage last week,” Clinton said to applause.

However, throughout the night, Sanders remained relentless in attacking Clinton for her connections to Wall Street and her positions on past trade deals; while Clinton criticized the Vermont senator for his position on gun manufacturer liability and investing in exports.

The candidates began the debate by addressing the city’s toxic water crisis. Sanders recalled his meetings with residents: “I have to tell you what I heard, and

what I saw literally shattered me. And it was beyond belief that children in Flint, Michigan, in the United States of America in the year 2016 are being poisoned.”

Clinton, who spotlighted the issue in an earlier debate, reminded the audience that she had pushed the Democratic National Committee to host a debate in Flint.

“It is raining lead in Flint, and the state is derelict in not coming forward with the money that is required,” Clinton said, joining Sanders for the first time in calling for the governor to “resign or be recalled”.