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Yemeni Intelligence Taskforce Arrests Top Houthi Leader in Marib | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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A young Yemeni fighter shouldering a weapon smiles at the camera near Marib, Yemen October 16, 2015. REUTERS/Angus McDowall

Aden – Yemeni security forces announced arresting a senior militia leader in Marib east of the country, said officials.

Military sources revealed that national army units were able to comb through remaining territory of the Nihm district, in the eastern region of rebel-held Sana’a.

Arrested while attempting to flee, Houthi militia leader code named by ‘Abu Hussain’ was detained in a police chase, security sources told Asharq Al-Awsat.

According to the sources, he worked undercover as a city merchant, but was tasked with rendering intelligence data.’

Apparently, he was also involved with pro-insurgency assassinations, in addition to being one of a key security leader.

Investigations with Abu Hussain are ongoing, security sources said.

More so, army forces in Marib recently arrested a number of coup leaders and officials in the coup-run government in Sana’a.

Arrests took place while the officials were attempting to escape the country by road through Marib and into neighboring Gulf states.

Over the last months, Marib witnessed intensifying operations and assassination attempts targeting tribal figures loyal to the legitimate government.

National Army forces are still fighting with the rebels in the front of the Sarawah district, the last insurgency stronghold in strategic oil-rich Marib, army commandership said.

Concerning field developments, a military source revealed the movement of the National Army forces, during the next few days, will be in full control coup-held Nihm District, and will advance deeper into Sana’a.

In 2014, Iran-aligned Houthi militias and armed loyalists backing ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh staged a full-on coup, wreaking havoc nationwide.

Since then, the internationally recognized government led by President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi had joined forces with Arab and international parties in hopes of restoring peace and stability to Yemen.

A Saudi-led Arab coalition intervened in Yemen in March 2015 to help the government retake the capital Sana’a.