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Yemeni Deputy Commander-in-Chief: Houthis Turn to Iranian Expertise to Set up Scud and Volga Missiles | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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cooperation of Iranian experts to gear up Scud missiles

cooperation of Iranian experts to gear up Scud missiles

cooperation of Iranian experts to gear up Scud missiles

Major General Nasser al-Tahri, Deputy Commander- in- chief, revealed to Asharq Al-Awsat that, over the past few days, the Military of Yemen acquired information confirming the cooperation of several Iranian experts with Houthi rebels to gear up Scud missiles.

They are apparently also toiling on developing the Volga SAM (Surface-to-air missiles), which were previously owned by the Yemeni army, and preparing them to strike ground targets.

However, according to army info, developed Volga missiles have demonstrated early test failure, and have missed primary targets set by the militants, proving the missile’s target inaccuracy.

Field-wise, Major General al-Tahri said: “Both Military Forces and the Resistance are pulling off a series of victories across all frontiers, one of which was the freeing and bringing back the Jda’an (Medghal District) into army’s comprehensive control.”

“We also took complete control over Al Jawf Governorate ridding it from both the militias and Republican Guard, which leaves only Al Safra District and Baraqish unattended, which are areas resembling no military substance, however the army will still work on freeing them regardless”, al-Tahri adds .

Moreover, on Tuesday the Yemeni Resistance dismantled two Katyusha rocket launchers that were previously installed by Houthi militants and their allies in Dhuwab-Taiz.

Furthermore, a similar series of operations was carried out by the Military along with the Resistance’s support, which later on forced the militants to abandon several frontiers one of which was Al Bayda-Yemen.

The army fighting for Yemen’s legitimacy successfully stood up against the attacks targeting the DhiNa’im District, and obstructed militants from taking over after several fierce clashes that resulted in significant loss among the militant ranks and the death of two Yemen Resistance fighters.

On top of that, the World Health Organization confirmed in a press release, acquired by Asharq Al-Awsat, the desperate need for continuous health service aid to Yemen after proving the deteriorating circumstances that are heavily weighing down on civilians, asking all relevant parties to respect the rights of all Yemenis to health services and aid.