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The Misled Sympathizers of Terrorism | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- In an interview with members of the terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, the individuals stated that they were completely misled by the discourse of terrorism during the initial stages of their involvement.

After witnessing the tragic consequences of their operations, members of the group felt sympathy for the victims of their crimes and regretted their actions. The leaders of such organizations, nevertheless, stressed to them that such regret would not have any impact on lightening their punishment as they had directly participated in the terrorist acts from the beginning.

Researchers of terrorism have established that local terrorist organizations depend on young men to implement their schemes. The leaders rely on these members to provide financial support, refuge and transportation. When they feel that members are beginning to show remorse for their actions, the leaders of such groups will quickly resort to distorting the image of the country, its government and security forces to prevent the members from surrendering themselves.

The leaders of terror groups also persuade the young members to carry out crimes such as robbery in order to fund their operations. Some members who have carried out this particular crime before have been told that this act of stealing to spread God”s rule is legitimate. Furthermore, they stress that what they gain from society and government is reward for their struggle.

Security forces have asserted that limiting the freedom of these groups will severely restrict their activities.

In his testimony, Othman Hadi al-Maqboul Al-Omary, who was included on the most wanted list of terrorists in Saudi Arabia, stated that he participated in supplying terrorist organizations with weapons, and that he later decided to escape both the security forces and terrorist organizations. Al-Omary eventually surrendered to Saudi security forces, and expressed his surprise at the civilized manner with which he was dealt. The leaders of the terrorist organizations were the cause of such negative presumptions surrounding the security forces.

Al-Omary called on other members to surrender themselves and to have faith in the security forces as they would only be tried for the crimes that they had committed. He emphasized that their surrender is proof of their remorse and an escape from a deceitful ideology. On the other hand, Saudi security forces have witnessed numerous members of terrorist organizations arm themselves with explosives to deter arrest, illustrating the extent to which members are dedicated to such an inhumane cause.