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Sultan Bin Suhaim: Qatari Government Wronged our Gulf Brothers | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Paris – A second member of Qatar’s ruling family has joined calls for a national meeting of Qataris to resolve the dispute with its Gulf neighbors.

Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim Al Thani declared his support on Monday for any meeting that could resolve the issue confirming that the government allowed intruders to interfere until matters reached a catastrophic results.

Sheikh Sultan blamed the government’s policy for allowing hateful bitter people to deepen their roots in Qatar and spread their poison everywhere, which resulted in reaching the abyss.

“Our goal today is to stand together to purge our land from these outsiders and to continue our development efforts to bring pride to our country Qatar in an effort to gain a more civic and humanitarian role and aspect. We need to stand together to protect Qatar from terrorist organizations,” he added.

Through a series of tweets published on QatarMubasher Twitter account, Suhaim said that his worst fear is that one day the Qatari citizen will become associated with terrorism.

“I am most fearful that we would be rejected from everyone worldwide, along with the rupture with our neighboring countries,” he reiterated.

Sheikh Sultan currently lives in Paris because he couldn’t handle becoming a stranger in his own country, adding that strangers came flooding like the colonizers, intervening in internal affairs under the pretext of protecting Qatar from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf “whom we consider as our ancestors and family.”

“They only care about exploiting our country and using our resources, they wouldn’t care about us at all because they are not connected to us, and they have no families nor loved ones. They are full of bitterness and hatred against the Gulf people and Qatar is no exception,” Suhaim stated.

The Sheikh condemned the Qatari government for allowing “intruders and haters to spread their poison in every direction until we reached the brink of catastrophe”.

He announced his support for a national meeting that purges the land from these outsiders and “continue the development efforts to bring pride to Qatar in an effort to gain a more civic and humanitarian role and aspect.”

He endorsed Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali’s national-level meeting to discuss the crisis. Sheikh Abdullah’s grandfather, father, and brother were all rulers of Qatar.

“I endorse all calls for a meeting hoping that all the members of the ruling family, distinguished members and thinkers to engage in this meeting so they can become one hand to protect Qatar from enemies and deserters,” Sheikh Sultan announced.

The Sheikh went on to say that he placed his trust in “the wisdom of Saudi King Salman and the leaders of countries and their deep love for us by standing with us”.

Sheikh Sultan is the son of Qatar’s former foreign minister Sheikh Suhaim bin Hamad Al-Thani.

Earlier On Sunday, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani urged the people of Qatar to be the messengers of peace in the crisis.

He said he felt pain at seeing the situation worsening and called for a Qatari national-level meeting to discuss a crisis “which we can no longer remain silent in.”

Sheikh Abdullah has been trying to resolve the crisis, and previously met with Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman twice since it began.

He said King Salman of Saudi Arabia was committed to the safety of Qatar and its people. Sheikh Abdullah called on the people of Qatar to communicate with him and set a date for a national meeting.