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Siege on Taiz Intensifies and Militias Persist With Violations | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Houthi militias and forces loyal to the deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh continue to heavily bomb residential neighbourhoods in the city of Taiz and villages and rural areas surrounding it using various types of weapons. They are also killing civilians, mobilising troops and bringing in large military reinforcements.

In addition to this, rebel militias continue to attack national army and Popular Resistance positions on different battlefronts in Taiz. Violent confrontations raged in the vicinity of the 35th Armoured Brigade base in the old airport, the area around the central prison in the west of Taiz, Wadi Azzannouj, the air defence area, the Kilaba front in the north and Al-Jahmaliya and Thu’bat in the east. The attacks are an attempt to gain access to Popular Resistance and national army positions in the face of the legitimate forces’ resistance and steadfastness in protecting positions and sites under their control.

Military coalition aircraft led by Saudi Arabia carried out air raids on military supplies belonging to rebel militias at the Hayfan junction in Arrahida, south of the city Taiz. Coalition aircraft also carried out air raids that targeted a military vehicle carrying weapons and ammunition at the Hayfan junction after it carried out air strikes on militia positions in the Al-Qabita area which is on the border between Taiz and Lahij. These air strikes are a response to an escalation in military violations carried out by the militias and their repeated attacks on sites controlled by the army and the Popular Resistance.

Local witnesses told Asharq Al-Awsat that “Coalition aircraft continue to fly over Taiz in order to discover militia sites, centres and reinforcements whilst rebel militias continue to breach the truce. Coalition aircraft also targeted a rebel tank and a military vehicle in the Dhubab area which is close to Bab Al-Mandab, west of the city of Taiz, and another vehicle that was loaded with ammunition and weapons at the Hayfan Junction in Arrahida. Other militia sites in the areas of Al-Qabita and Asharija in Kursh and in Hayfan, southern Taiz, were also targeted”.

Meanwhile, large military reinforcements for rebel militias consisting of Katyusha rocket launchers and military vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition were transferred from the coastal city Al-Makha to the Al-Waziyya district.