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Saudi Intelligence Chief Holds Closed Door Meeting with Shura Council | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- Prince Muqrin Bin Abdul-Aziz, Head of the Saudi Arabian General Intelligence Presidency [GIP] said during a meeting with the Shura Council [Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia] on Monday that the kingdom is troubled by those specializing in creating regional problems by way of external interference for purposes which have now become clear.

For the first time, the head of GIP attended a closed-meeting of the Shura Council in order to clarify Riyadh’s position with regards to the strategic aims of foreign influence on the Arab region.

Members of the Shura Council said that Prince Muqrin described the presence of parties skilled at creating conflicts as “a worrying situation” however he also assured them that the aims of these parties have now become clear to the Kingdom’s intelligence service.

According to members of the Shura Council who were present at the closed session, Prince Muqrin linked Saudi Arabian national security to regional security, saying that his nation is part of the world, and what affects it affects the whole [of the world].

The Shura Council meeting, which lasted two hours, also extensively discussed the recent events taking place in the occupied Palestinian territories, specifically with regards to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip which has now entered its third week.

Prince Muqrin Bin Abdul-Aziz confirmed that the GIP is working at full capacity, relying on the widest possible collection of accurate information, and the analysis of this [information], which is then submitted to the decision-maker.

Prince Muqrin also said that it is difficult to assert that Saudi Arabia will be able to completely rid itself of terrorism, and he confirmed the importance of real international cooperation in order to eliminate this global problem. The Prince added that his nation’s idea to establish an international center to combat terrorism “is still in place, and has not died” however he did rule out this center being set up on Saudi Arabian soil.

During the early stages of his talks with the members of the Shura Council, Prince Muqrin spoke about the specialization of the GIP, stressing the importance that everybody work to defend and protect the nation to realize the security and protection of its citizens.

In answering inquiries made by members [of the Shura Council] the Saudi Intelligence chief also indicated that a good level of communication has been achieved within the framework of joint-effort and mutual cooperation between various organizations and institutions. He also stressed the importance of integration and cooperation in completing operations for the general good of this nation and its people.

The Shura Council meeting held on Monday was in order to clarify the aims and general strategies on various issues and topics within the purview of the head of the GIP.

Dr. Salih Bin Humaid, President of the Saudi Shura Council said while addressing Prince Muqrin “We appreciate your presence [here] to inform the [Shura Council] members of the Kingdom’s position and policies with regards to external security issues, particularly relating to the strategic plans and goals of foreign influence with regards to the Arab region”

He added that the Shura Council was looking forward to discussing “the impact of certain forces in light of current events occurring on the ground in our region, as well as the situation along the Kingdom’s borders, and their impact on national security. At the forefront [of the meeting] is what is occurring in Palestine in the Gaza Strip, particularly with regards to tragedies and injustice.”

Dr. Bin Humaid added that “It is no secret that since the foundation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the founding King [Abdulaziz Bin Saud], the Kingdom’s foreign policy is based upon the principles of good neighborliness, and non-interference in the internal affairs of nations. The strengthening of relations between allied and friendly countries, promoting relations with Arab and Islamic countries that serve and the common interest and preserve legitimacy, while playing an active role within the frameworks of regional and international organizations.”

President of the Shura Council, Salih Bin Humaid also warned against “the troubling political disturbances which the region is currently experiencing. A number of other regions are also suffering from instability which has resulted in them being affected by external influences and foreign infiltration. This only serves to tempt certain forces [to attempt] to gain more influence within our own region.”

Bin Humaid added that his country – as part of both the Arab and Islamic spheres- is concerned with what is happening within these two spheres “especially with regards the absence of political and security stability in some neighboring countries, this requires attention and care to be paid to [our own] external security, as the first line of defense.”