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Saudi Airforce Hammers Yemeni Rebels | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Jizan, Asharq Al-Awsat- An authoritative Saudi military source has asserted that the infiltrators still have what it described as “bad and hostile” intentions to penetrate the Saudi borders and continue their operations. The source said in a statement issued by the armed forces’ command in Saudi Arabia’s southern sector yesterday that the forces deployed on the battlefront repelled yesterday an attack by the infiltrators in the Jabal Dokhan, Al-Dawd, and Al-Rumayh areas which resulted in heavy losses on the enemy’s side. The statement added: “Our valiant armed forces are continuing to deal firmly and efficiently, praise be to God, and inflicting on them heavy losses.” It also pointed out that the Saudi forces were using in their operations air and artillery bombardment to target the infiltrators and repel their attacks.

In other developments, military sources in the operations sector reported that the warplanes succeeded the night before yesterday in destroying six vehicles belonging to the infiltrators that were carrying ammunitions. They said that these vehicles were part of the bounties the infiltration seized during their clashes with the Yemeni army which is fighting an insurgency by the Huthists in Sa’dah. The frontlines yesterday were the scene of skirmishes with the infiltrators on the Jabal Rumayh front, where the Saudi air force continued to bombard them from 0200 until 1000 hours yesterday morning while the artillery continued its shelling of targets. The sources called these attacks “strong” and noted that the armed forces succeeded in repelling the attack and inflicting losses.

The sources also disclosed that the infiltrators’ attacks resulted with their death or capture due to the closure of their lines of retreat and their encirclement with the warplanes’ fire and the clashes led by the forces deployed at the frontlines. They asserted that massive losses were inflicted on the infiltrators’ large attack at dawn on Saturday, adding that hundreds of infiltrators were probably killed and others were taken prisoner on the Jabal Rumayh front. Jabal Rumayh lies to the north of Jabal Dokhan in Al-Harth area and is of strategic importance because the surrounding areas and movements in them can be observed from it.

A number of armed vehicles arrived at the battlefront yesterday, including convoys of “Hummer” vehicles which were seen heading toward the battlefront. These vehicles are capable of crossing geographical obstacles and hills and reach the frontlines. Other sources reported that the participation of the infantry’s “Bradley” vehicle was an additional strength because it can carry soldiers to the frontline without being affected by fire in addition to its ability to attack, fire, and move in difficult geographical areas and called the participation of this kind of vehicles “a shaking of the battlefield.”