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Machnouk Describes Resistance Brigades as Occupation Brigades - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Beirut – It is true that the so-called Hezbollah had transferred most of its leadership and military elite to the Syrian arena to protect Bashar Al-Asad and the Iranian plot for the area, yet in return it was preparing an alternate army named “Resistance Brigades”.

The alternate army was recently described by Lebanese Minister of Interior as “occupation brigades.”

The minister said that the brigades are not acceptable under any circumstances, pledging that he will fight this occupation with all political and peaceful means.

It is no secret that the Resistance Brigades formed in the early 90’s to fight Israel had changed its goals. It is now used inside Lebanon in any internal security event.

The group comprised of Lebanese young men who wanted to fight the Israeli occupation of south Lebanon without having to officially join Hezbollah.

Lebanese people didn’t forget the dangerous domestic missions especially after the Syrians left Lebanon in 2005. Its role started by occupying Beirut’s downtown for over a year and half from November 2006 till Novembers 2008. Then in 2011 they had several armed clashes in Beirut main areas and “Black Shirts” attempt to overthrow the government of PM Najib Mikati.

Minister Machnouk said on Friday: “The latest show of force was what I read in a newspaper that the Resistance Brigades – whom I call the strife brigades – have a 50,000-strong army as well as domestic missions.”

“After reading these words, I would like to say that these are not strife brigades but rather occupation brigades and we will never tolerate this occupation under any circumstances,” the minister added.

“We were raised on the calls for resisting Israel but we will not accept that this occupation be turned into a Lebanese occupation and we will resist it with all peaceful and political means and ways. We will not tolerate it anywhere, not only at the dialogue,” Machnouk stressed.

Director of Umam Documentation and Research Center Lukman Salim said that the mission of the brigades is to create an alternate militia for Hezbollah, which follows less-strict rules. He considered the importance of these brigades is that they are of different Lebanese sects.

Salim is a Shia activist opposing to the so-called Hezbollah told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that brigades include thieves who misuse the concept of the resistance. It includes fighters of all sects and religions and are not included within the strict rules Hezbollah imposes on its own fighters.

Salim added that Lebanon could be considered under Hezbollah’s political and military occupation.

According to Salim, Hezbollah believes that Lebanon is a part of its fight whether in Syria, Iraq or Yemen. “Lebanon is part of the battle even if it is somehow stable now.”