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Lebanon’s Mustaqbal: Nasrallah’s Attack against Saudi Arabia Paves Way to Strife | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Lebanon’s Mustaqbal bloc holds a meeting chaired by former PM Fouad Saniora. (NNA)

Beirut – The Lebanese Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc of Prime Minister Saad Hariri condemned on Tuesday the latest remarks by “Hezbollah” leader Hassan Nasrallah against Saudi Arabia, its policy and officials, warning that they may negatively impact Lebanon.

The bloc said in a statement after its weekly meeting: “We strongly condemn the attack by Nasrallah against Saudi Arabia and a number of Arab countries, which may pave the way to strife in Lebanon and the region.”

“Nasrallah’s televised appearances have become a bad omen in that they create tensions and negativity in the country and among the Lebanese people,” it went on to say after the meeting that was chaired by former PM Fouad Saniora.

“His remarks negatively affect the people’s interests and livelihood, especially in wake of the difficult economic situation in the country,” it added.

On Nasrallah’s statements that Lebanon will be turned into an arena for foreign fighters should Israel wage a new war against it, the Mustaqbal bloc said: “Such stances eliminate the view of the Lebanese people.”

“His unilateral and arrogant stances eliminate the role of the state and its sovereignty,” it stressed in condemning his declaration.

“Nasrallah is continuing to disregard the will of the Lebanese people, who do not want Lebanon to become embroiled in regional conflicts,” said the bloc.

“He is placing his will and interests and the interests of Iran above those of the Lebanese people. He is leading the country towards becoming an open ground where he can bring in whoever he wants or whoever he is ordered to summon,” it noted.

“The invitation of fighters and mercenaries from across the globe is a flagrant violation of the Lebanese constitution and laws,” emphasized the Musatqbal bloc.