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Joint UAE-U.S. Initiative Confronts ISIS Campaigns against Children | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Pursuing ISIS Terrorists, Taming the Mindset Behind

Dubai-The Sawab Center, the first-ever multinational online messaging and engagement program, announced that it has launched a three-day social media campaign in Arabic and English to shed the light on the harm that ISIS is causing to children.

The center, which is a joint UAE-American initiative aimed at confronting the propaganda of ISIS on the internet, said that the extremist group is now increasingly recruiting children to teach them the organization’s barbaric ideology at a time when it is beginning to lose in the battlefield and is suffering from defections.

The latest campaigns made by the organization on the internet have shown children carrying out terrifying acts. It is sad to see that executioners and those carrying out suicide attacks are children.

Sawab’s campaign will reveal the destruction caused by ISIS to the traditional social fabric in areas that fall under its control as a result of teaching children their doctrine.

Many children are being trained to become spies and to rebel against their parents by relaying information about their families, friends and neighbors to the organization, said the center.

The Sawab campaign will focus on the international support that the children, who have suffered under the organization, are getting. Children who have been brainwashed and forced to fight for ISIS are suffering from many psychological and physical problems.

Children who have been rescued from ISIS are undergoing rehabilitation programs to overcome their shock and their suffering under the organization’s rule.

This campaign is considered to be the ninth launched by Sawab on social media since its establishment in July last year.

Previous campaigns launched by the center have focused on ISIS defectors, its brutal treatment of women, in addition to a campaign on militants and foreigners.

Sawab seeks to encourage governments, groups and individuals to stay vigilant and participate actively in the fight against extremist online.

The center is a joint UAE-U.S. initiative in support of the Global Coalition Against ISIS. The Arabic word “sawab,” means “right” or “correct” as in “the right path.”