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Iranian Allegations Proved False by Video | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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مقطع مرئي

Asharq Al-Awsat received a video showing the Iranian embassy in Sana’a, in which the embassy appears to be completely intact, which stands to put an end to all Iranian allegations on the Gulf coalition pounding its embassy with an airstrike.

The video shows the Iranian flag raised over the embassy next to a Jan. 8 issue of a Yemeni local newspaper.

What is more is that the Arab coalition forces, fighting to save Yemen’s legitimacy, had previously confirmed after investigations that the Iranian allegations are false and nothing but lies, verifying that there were no operations carried out within the embassy’s premise or near the area. The coalition’s leadership had confirmed the building is completely safe.

The video was obtained from one of the rebels against legitimacy, as he was passing near the embassy, and it shows that the building is in good condition and not damaged, contrary to the allegations that were made.

Furthermore, the embassy appears to be surrounded by concrete blocks and iron shutters around 4 to 5 meters tall, the building is covered in a way that blocks the view of nearby residential buildings on the embassy’s yard.

The video flashes the part of newspaper of Yemen Today, a local newspaper belonging to the deposed former President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh, published on Friday Jan. 8.

Moreover, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yemen Riad Yassin, had already confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat the involvement of the Iranian embassy in Sana’a by providing financial support, intelligence works, military consultations, and arms to the insurgents, helping them to fight against the legitimate government.

Former Minister Yassin confirmed the embassy’s dealings with both Houthis and followers of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, which have in turn taken advantage of the Iranian embassy in Sana’a as a diplomatic location to manage and direct war operations.

Yassin also said that Iran was involved even before the war broke last March, by supporting militant Houthis with arms transferred from sea and managing 14 weekly flights between Tehran and Sana’a. He added that the Iranian embassy in Sana’a is a center used of war operations by Houthis, a place where they carry out intelligence work and a center for distributing money to Houthi militias.

“Iran has advanced abilities in the domain of communications, and it is currently using that to connect Houthi leaderships to the deposed President Ali Abdullah Saleh, through the means of an international communication network, in addition to connecting inner-Houthi-parties with each other through an international GPS network” Yassin added.