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'Hezbollah' Condemns ‘Foolish’ US Strike on Syria, Warns Future Dangers - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive
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Beirut – “Hezbollah” and pro-Syrian regime parties in Lebanon condemned the US strike on Syria’s Shayrat airport, while President Michel Aoun slammed the use of weapons of mass destruction “by whichever side.”

“Hezbollah” condemned in a statement what it described as “blatant American aggression on Syrian sovereignty through the attack on Shayrat airport.”

It deemed it a “foolish step taken by the administration of US President Donald Trump, which will pave the way for major and dangerous tension on the regional level and complicate matters on the international one.”

“This new crime is part of the American administration’s determination to pursue its aggressive course in confronting our ummah in order to achieve its regional ambitions,” continued the statement by the Iranian-backed party.

“Such vicious assaults cannot affect the morale of the heroic Syrian army that is achieving victory after victory against American-backed terrorists and their supporters in different Syrian regions,” it added.

“These assaults will also not affect the resistance and perseverance alliance that is standing with and supporting the Syrian state in its ongoing war against terrorism,” stressed ‘Hezbollah’.

For its part, the AMAL movement condemned the American strike, saying: “Washington is trying to demonstrate that it is the international arbiter and executioner.”

It said that the US adopted a similar strategy to justify its 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The Mustaqbal Movement meanwhile, slammed the Syrian regime’s massacre in Khan Sheikhun, noting that “this barbaric crime is another in the lowly series of crimes that have been taking place for years and which regional and international powers are complicit in.”

It “welcomes any step that curbs Bashar al-Assad and his allies’ ability to commit massacres and that would lead Syria towards national peace and end the series of pains that are affecting Lebanon and the Arab world.”

“After today, we should no longer suffice with condemnations and idly watching images of victims,” but action should be taken to put an end to the suffering of the Syrian people and the massacres of Assad and his allies.