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Hadi Accuses Putschists of Misappropriating Yemen’s Authentic Revolution | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Yemenis line up to receive food aid in Sanaa

Aden- Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi accused coupists of not only overturning against the outcomes of national dialogue, but also of expropriating sovereign resources and advocating tyranny.

“The coup process not only overturned the national consensus represented by the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference, eliminated a healthy political environment and threatened the democratic margin, but also went so far as to confiscate the first Yemeni revolution–the republic system instated– and worked on replacing it by theocracy, tyranny and enslavement,” said Hadi.

In his 55th National Day address to all Yemenis, Hadi revisited what he cited as a ‘miraculous’ revolution towards freedom.

September Revolution Day is one of the most celebrated public holidays in Yemen, commemorating the establishment of the Yemen Arab Republic back in 1962.

Prior to the insurgency militias’ takeover of the Yemeni capital Sanaa in 2014, Celebrations of September Revolution Day start with lighting a torch at Al-Tahrir Square. The ceremony was meant to symbolize the beginning of the next year of the revolution and it takes place at the very same place, where the first signal of the revolution was given.

“Here are our brave Yemeni people celebrating their miraculous revolution, and the successful September sword is celebrated in the faces of enemies of the republic,” said Hadi.

In his speech, the head of the internationally-recognized government also gave his comments on putschists advancing a foreign agenda, largely outlined by Tehran clerics.

Hadi pointed out that “Yemenis celebrating the National Day with unprecedented momentum sends a clear message to those ‘new imams,’ and their ‘descendants,’ and the fools who tried to hand the country over to them.”

“Their personal interests and their sick dreams intersected with the choices of our brave revolutionary people,” Hadi further elaborated on the clash Houthi coupists are leading with Yemen.

“The truth is that, as we have seen, when the new ‘Imamate’(clerical leadership in Shia Islam) attempted a return, it did not only harm the Yemeni people but also spread beyond Yemen, threatening the region, threatening international and regional security and safety,” added Hadi on the threat of Iranian expansionist ambitions.

“The Imamate stands today in direct confrontation with all Yemenis, north and south,” added Hadi.

“We have to fight ignorance going against science, to blur out religious extremism with awareness, to break the shackles of slavery with freedom, and to overcome spreading intolerance with tolerance, and to reject the culture of hatred and war worshipping– hatred does not build homelands,” said Hadi.