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Geagea: ‘Hezbollah’ is Usurping Lebanon’s Decision-Making Power | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea during an annual LF conference on the diaspora. (NNA)

Beirut – Head of the Lebanese Forces (LF) Samir Geagea noted on Friday that Lebanon is facing two central problems, the first being the “Hezbollah” group and the second being the mismanagement of the state.

He said during an annual LF diaspora conference that “Hezbollah” is “obstructing Lebanon in several areas,” accusing it of “usurping its decision-making power.”

He explained that the party takes decisions to wage battles whenever it wants and without consulting official authorities.

It also criticizes “friendly Arab states, such as those in the Gulf”, which ultimately harms Lebanon’s ties with them, said Geagea.

The mismanagement of the state “is no less dangerous” than the “Hezbollah” threat, he remarked.

“Corruption has wormed its way into the highest and lowest authorities in Lebanon. The LF is waging a daily battle to combat this mentality,” he stressed.

He also addressed next year’s parliamentary elections, saying that the electoral law that MPs struggled for years to adopt, “was the best law that could have been ratified during this phase.”

“The Lebanese voter holds the key to salvation in his hands,” he remarked.

He urged the people to “fully and comprehensively mobilize” to prepare for next year’s polls, especially since the new electoral law will pave the way for the formation of a new political class, noted the LF chief.

He assured expatriates that Lebanon is “not a hopeless case, given the resources it has, especially the human one.”

“You are the best example of the success of the Lebanese people abroad, so why shouldn’t this success be translated in Lebanon itself?” he asked.