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Evidence on Hezbollah Backing Houthis and Planning Terrorist Attacks on Riyadh | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Evidence on Hezbollah Backing Houthis and Planning Terrorist Attacks on Riyadh

Evidence on Hezbollah Backing Houthis and Planning Terrorist Attacks on Riyadh

Evidence on Hezbollah Backing Houthis and Planning Terrorist Attacks on Riyadh

Al Ekhbariya, Arabic news and TV channel based in Riyadh, broadcasted on Feb.25 a video showing the Lebanese-based Hezbollah being involved with terrorist activities in both Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

The Government in Yemen confirmed that Hezbollah is directly caught up in, with the war tearing through the country between pro-legitimacy forces and insurgents. The insurgency is being led by Houthis and militias affiliated with the ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The video recording broadcasted exhibited a Hezbollah commander referred to by “Abu-Saleh”; responsible for training Houthi militants. Training revolved around operations that will take place in Saudi Arabia in the future. The Hezbollah commander dubbed them: operations “impair Saudi Arabia”.

Abu-Saleh reveals plans for assassinating high-up figureheads in Riyadh, the assassinations would be carried out by terrorist attacks and bombings. When the Hezbollah commander describes the process, a Yemeni recruit answers saying that it conveys suicide-attacks, however, the commander rephrased the explanation saying that it was “martyrdom”.

Throughout the leaked video Abu-Saleh hints that there are terrorist attacks scheme planned for Saudi Arabia, yet the latter refuses to reveal their details before the Yemeni recruits, for being confidential.

Yemen’s government spokesman Rajeh Badi, said that the authorities have obtained several documents and hard-proof that gauge how far Hezbollah is involved in the war Houthi militias are waging against the people of Yemen.

“Hezbollah and its affiliated members’ participation in the nature of missions perpetrated in Yemen, have taken on multiple scales, and are not exclusive to moral support only, like what has been stated officially” Badi said.

“Hezbollah’s contribution has gone as far as effective real ground participation through training militia members on combat, battlefield strategy, presence on Saudi borders, planning clashes, plotting infiltration and vandalism operations in Saudi Arabia” Badi added.

Yemen News Agency (Saba) reported the Yemeni Governmental Spokesman saying that documented proof is present, and that Hezbollah is not capable of denying the role it has played in the destruction of Yemen. Hezbollah’s participation has accounted for the damage caused whether its contribution manifests in moral or logistics support it presented the Houthis.

What Hezbollah is rallying into Yemen, bringing about the continuance of war and devastating the country is a clear violation to the U.N. 2216 resolution. “Hezbollah’s intrusion is outrageous against a dependent nation” Badi said.

“Hezbollah’s hostile action against pro-legitimacy forces and the Arab Coalition will escalate the crisis’s situation in Yemen and help legitimacy-defectors to carry on their aggressiveness against the Yemeni people” Badi added.

The governmental spokesman announced authorities harboring intentions on taking the whole case-file proving Hezbollah’s infiltration and activities in Yemen to the U.N. Security Council and the League of Arab States, demanding international legal action being taken against the Hezbollah.

In the ballpark, Yemeni Minister of Information and Mass Media Mohammed Qubaty had also formerly stressed on the fact that agents who worked for homeland security and secret services during the time the deposed President Saleh was in office, are the ones raging terror across the region. He also highlighted the operative role of Iranian intelligence in artillery, oil, alcohol and drugs trafficking into Yemen. All the revenue made is being pumped to fund the insurgency. It is worth noting that Hezbollah is an Iran-backed militant group based in Lebanon.