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Bin Laden Suspected That a Tracking Chip Had Been Implanted in His Wife’s Mouth | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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A copy of the documents that US intelligence released

A copy of the documents that US intelligence released

A copy of the documents that US intelligence released

A personal letter from the former Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden reveals his suspicions that an electronic tracking chip was implanted in his wife’s mouth. The letter that was made available by the American CIA is one of 113 documents obtained by the United States after bin Laden was assassinated in Abbottabad, Pakistan in 2011. The letter was part of the second instalment released by American intelligence on Tuesday which Asharq Al-Awsat obtained copies of yesterday.

Amongst the released documents is a letter that bin Laden addressed to his wife Khayriyah. He wrote: I was told that you went to a dentist in Iran and that you were concerned about a filling she put in for you. Please let me know in detail about anything that bothers you about any hospital in Iran or any suspicions that any of the brothers may have about chips planted in any way”. He advised her to get an ultra sound or an x-ray to clarify whether a chip was implanted in her mouth.

He also wrote “My dear wife, I hope that my letter finds you well and in good condition” and enquired about his son Hamza. He then demanded that Hamza leaves Waziristan on either a Thursday or a Friday for security reasons with a Pakistani identity card. Bin Laden then proceeded to enquire about his brother Sa’d’s children and Fatima and her children. Bin Laden also enquired about the dizziness that his wife experienced, asked her how long it lasted, when it started and what treatment she received for it in Iran.

The second instalment of declassified files is dated between 2009 and 2011 and contains references to bin Laden’s security concerns, worries about his children and various family matters and the fear that a tracking chip was implanted in his wife’s mouth.

US military intelligence released the documents after US special forces seized the documents in May 2011 during a raid on a house in Pakistan. The US administration said that the leader of Al-Qaeda was hiding in the house and that American soldiers killed him and threw his body and belongings into the Indian Ocean according to information published at the time.

Amongst the new documents that are handwritten and signed by bin Laden, the most important is his will. Other documents indicate that the will had already reached the bin Laden family or at least some of his relatives. In contrast, many of the documents seem to be typed on computers and are assumed to be addressed to his close followers or distant relatives.