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Bahrain protests in Iraq backed by Iran – Iraqi activist | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Jeddah, Asharq Al-Awsat –Iraqi political activist Awad al-Abdan informed Asharq Al-Awsat that the “Bahraini protests” that were launched from the cities of Basra and Najaf in southern Iraq are receiving direct funding from Iran and are taking place in cooperation with sectarian parties present in Iraq.

Al-Abdan, who is also the head of the Iraqi Southern Liberation Movement said that self-proclaimed Bahraini opposition groups do not take any step without consulting with Tehran and Iranian-backed sectarian groups in southern Iraq, stressing that the final outcome of the mutual action between these parties clearly reveals that Iran has been interfering in the events that have been taking place in Bahrain since their inception.

The Iraqi political activist also expressed his indignation and regret at the “heinous practices being carried out by the Iranian-backed parties throughout the course of the Syrian population revolution” confirming that these sectarian parties are “providing direct and indirect assistance to support the regime in Syria, providing it with funds and facilitating the entry of loyal militias [into Syria] to support the Bashar al-Assad regime.”

Al-Abdan informed Asharq Al-Awsat that “the parties that are working for Iran in Iraq previously accused the al-Assad regime of supporting terrorists in Iraq, as well as supporting the Al Qaeda organization and acts of sabotage in the country. They would describe him in very unflattering terms, however when Iran saw that its interests were not served by regime change in Syria, all of these unflattering descriptions suddenly turned into praise, along with claims that the Syrian regime is being treated unfairly and being subject to acts of terrorism.”

He stressed that “this indicates that Iraqi politics does not possess any real decision-making capabilities, but rather is subject to certain outside interests.”

Al-Abdan stressed that Iraq, particularly southern Iraq, is a hotbed for Iranian agents, adding that “Iranian agents from Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon and elsewhere are passing through Iraq, establishing a safe haven for themselves in our country, in order to implement Iranian policy aimed at sabotaging our countries.”

He also informed Asharq Al-Awsat that a large number of Iraqi parties have been established, trained, and funded by Iran, and that despite their denials their ultimate loyalty is to Tehran, adding that the Iranian regime supports these parties with funds and information, which has helped them to take leading positions on the Iraqi political scene.

The Iraqi political activist added “even when the last elections took place and a political bloc not funded by Iran won, Iran’s intervention turned everything on its head, and thus a ruler loyal to Tehran was put in power. I do not think that the current Iraqi policy will move far from the Iranian line, indeed one could say that Iran is holding the remote control that is in charge moving Iraqi politicians and government decisions.”

The Iraqi Southern Liberation Movement is headed by Awad al-Abdan and was established in Basra in order to counter Iran’s “occupation” of southern Iraq. The movement stresses peaceful resistance to Iran, although it has not ruled out taking up arms, stressing that such a step is supported by Islamic Sharia Law and international conventions.