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Al-Qaeda Reveals its Latest Threat: Rakan bin Williams | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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London, Asharq Al-Awsat- The Global Islamic Media Front, the voice of al Qaeda on the internet, has revealed its latest threat which it identified as Rakan bin Williams, who would wreck havoc worldwide. The name refers to an English convert to Islam.

Al Qaeda’s strategy “will depend on surprise such as when near simultaneous attacks were carried out in Morocco and Turkey. Al Qeada”s aim was to target the border between Europe and the Muslim world, east and west, so let this serve as a lesson to the entire west; we have arrived at your borders and no one will be able to stop us”, the group said on the internet.

The British Sun newspaper indicated last week that al Qaeda was recruiting English men and pointed out six English-language websites affiliated with al Qaeda had published material encouraging Europeans to enlist and undergo military training.

Concurring with Prime Minister Tony Blair, who said, “the rules of the game have changed after the July 7 London bombings”, al Qaeda warned on the al Firdaws forum, “Do not rejoice Blair as you will not be able to follow or halt the movements or stop al Qaeda’s new soldiers Rakan bin Williams.”

“Al Qaeda’s new soldiers were born in Europe of European and Christian parents. They studied in your schools. They prayed in your churches and attended Sunday mass. They drank alcohol, ate pork and oppressed Muslims, but al Qaeda has embraced them so they have converted to Islam in secret and absorbed the philosophy of al Qaeda and swore to take up arms after their brothers. They are currently roaming the streets of Europe and the United States planning and observing in preparation for upcoming attacks,” the group said in a threatening analysis.

The Jihadi website also mentioned al Qaeda’s past successful surprise attacks, such as the Madrid bombings on 11th March 2001 planned and executed by men of North African origin which brought about the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq . Osama bin Laden had publicly rescinded on a truce with Europe , While Europe was expecting an attack in Italy , al Qaeda targeted an unexpected place- London- in July 2005, the message added.

Written by an imaginary person, Rakan bin Williams, the analysis of the group’s strategy said, “They restricted the Arabs and were attacked by those from Pakistan . You will not be able to find any solution because our next soldier cannot be put under surveillance or restrict his movement or arrest him.”

The Global Islamic Media Front publishes material by Islamic militants worldwide and is known as al Qaeda’s mouthpiece.