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Al Hamidi, The Face Behind Johnson’s Slaughter | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Hamad al-Hamidi

Hamad al-Hamidi

Hamad al-Hamidi

Hamad al-Hamidi sentenced to death on Saturday was convicted by Saudi Arabia’s judicial system with several accusations. He was one of the most dangerous 19 wanted men for terrorist crimes that were listed by the security forces in KSA during May 2003.

Moreover, security forces captured al-Hamidi after he surrendered post an armed confrontation with governmental security officers in Al-Qassim Region. The felon is considered to be one of the head “takfir” leaders and one of their infamous religious references in Saudi Arabia, and he has been laying low for two years now after three of al-Qaeda’s theorists were arrested.

The terrorist’s convictions included his direct participation and encouragement of the kidnap and murder of Paul Marshall Johnson, an American helicopter engineer who lived in Saudi Arabia, given that al-Hamidi was actually present in the house during Johnson’s murder.

Previously published information by Asharq Al-Awsat define al-Hamidi to have been one of the 2nd rank theorists of the “Jihadist” organization, despite the fact he did not receive the same amount of media buzz around him as his other peers.

Saudi Arabia’s judiciary authority convicted Hamad al-Hamidi , after proving his adoption of the radical “takfiri” ideology, campaign on inciting sedition against the government, and association with leaders of terrorist organizations, especially on the subject of funding terrorist cells.

The convicted felon has persistently worked on fostering radical extremism. He also participated with al-Qaeda’s members on installing security codes on weapon sites, detonators, explosives, and money stashes hidden underground all of which were later discovered by satellite technology. Al-Hamidi also owned personal arms and war weaponry along with a variety of ammunition, explosives, and hand grenades.