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Evil Twin of the Sun Could Have Killed the Dinosaurs | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Pictured is sun with active regions combined to look something like a jack-o-lantern’s face.

Now, for the first time, scientists have found proof that evil twin of the sun “Nemesis” may exist somewhere in the universe after revealing that all stars are born in pairs, as reported “The Daily Mail.”

Scientists believe that the sun’s missing sibling kicked an asteroid into Earth’s orbit that collided with our planet and killed the dinosaurs.

Researchers from University of California Berkeley said they are now ‘certain’ that stars are born alongside a sibling.

Many stars have companions, including our nearest neighbour, Alpha Centauri, a triplet system.

Astronomers have long sought to explain the existence of binary and triplet star systems – and have predicted that some binaries must split to form single stars.

Of key interest to astronomers is a possible companion to our sun, a star dubbed ‘Nemesis’.

The sun’s fabled twin, which got its name from a theory that suggests it launched the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs, has never been found.

But now scientists have restarted their fight to find Nemesis after finding striking observations while watching recently formed stars in the constellation Perseus.

The researchers designed a mathematical model that finds the observations of stars in Perseus can only be explained if all of the stars were born with a companion.

‘We are saying, yes, there probably was a Nemesis, a long time ago,’ said one of the study’s scientists Steven Stahler, a UC Berkeley research astronomer.

Based on this model, the sun’s sibling most likely escaped and mixed with all the other stars in our region of the Milky Way galaxy, never to be seen again.