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MWL Conference in London: Islamic Scripture Promotes Tolerance, Coexistence | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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MWL organizes conference ‘Tolerance in Islam,’ at London University, SPA

London- Intellectuals, religious preachers and a number of politicians, who attended the “Tolerance in Islam” conference organized by the Muslim World League (MWL), requested exposing corrupt self-styled interpretations on the Al Wala’ Wal Bara'(loyalty and disavowal) creed.

Terrorist extremists have misinterpreted the widely-adopted rule, and exploited it for means of rallying support among Muslim communities.

The MWL organized the conference at London University, in the United Kingdom, on May 16– a number of Islamic leaders, thinkers and diplomats took part.

A concluding statement said Islamic scripture, and historical anecdotes retrieved from the Prophetic biography, show that practices upheld by extremist terrorists do not coincide with Islamic values.

Prophet Muhammad had throughout his journey preached about values such as honesty, tolerance, mercy, coexistence, righteousness and benevolence. Justice towards Muslims and non-Muslims is a notion anchored into Islam—extremists have encroached on Muslim values, and have adopted self-tailored beliefs.

The statement also called for spreading the culture of understanding at such desperate times, as well as promoting concepts of positive communication among followers of different religions in order to serve humanitarian work and preserve human dignity and rights.

All the more, the conference’s final statement recognized efforts spent by Muslims residing in the UK on promoting true Islamic beliefs and value system. Praising their cultural contributions and all-inclusive engagement with other members of society.

Condemning the phenomenon of Islamophobia, the conference denounces false principles promoted under lacking knowledge of true Islamic tradition and values. Islam’s reality is that it endorses civilizational creativity, calls for objectivity, and the elimination of prejudices. Islam must be recognized through its origins and principles, and not the actions of those following a self-styled religion.

The statement called on religious and educational institutions to promote a culture of cooperation and compassion, and to promote religious values that establish tolerance and coexistence.

Calling on Muslim communities in non-Muslim countries to exercise their right to religious expression in peaceful and legal means, and warning against being persuaded by those who preach hate, the conference demanded that Muslims remain committed to upholding local order in countries they reside in.

More so, all Muslims were warned of being persuaded into extremist ideology which would compromise their religious moderation and national awareness.

Addressing the conference’s audience, MWL Secretary General Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa stressed MWL keenness to promote the culture of peace and tolerance.

He also backed the usage of constructive dialogue based on understanding among various components and a moderate approach.

Issa pointed out that tolerance is one of the high values of Islam and that is confirmed by many texts of legitimacy as seen in the biography of the Prophet as it is at the forefront of Islamic moral values in all areas of life.

He also confirmed that Islamic high values conflict completely with extremism. This should clarify the clear difference between what the real tolerant Islam promotes as opposed to what extremism is adopting.

The conference called for the promotion of noble moral values, the need to cooperate in addressing ethical, environmental and family challenges and the promotion of cooperation for sustainable and mutually beneficial progress.

The participants and attending audiences praised the great efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim World League spent on explaining and clarifying the reality of Islam to the world, and confronting extremist ideas.