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New Major Search Engine BigClique.com Challenges Yahoo, Google, MSN | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The Web”s First Search Engine Created by an African American Combines Efficiency With Cutting-Edge Technology

NEW YORK, May 24 2005– You”ve heard of them: Yahoo, Google, MSN, and Lycos. These are the big boys of Internet search engines, but they aren”t the only ones who”ve come to play. BigClique.com is the newest major search engine to hit the World Wide Web, and it”s bound to make some waves.

BigClique.com offers something refreshingly different, it is the first major search engine developed and owned by an African American. The search engine is available in 17 foreign languages.

BigClique is a dedicated general search engine which was built and developed in the midst of a virtual monopoly in the search engine sector. &#34I felt the need to offer home-based, small and medium-sized business owners a level playing field in search engine marketing,&#34 says Mr. Femi Olu, Founder and CEO of BigClique.com. &#34Our search engine was designed to deliver new, targeted leads that ultimately keeps businesses alive.&#34

Many search engine users have become frustrated by the thousands of results that don”t give them what they”re looking for. BigClique users will be pleased to find that BigClique.com”s technology offers only the results customers actually searched for cutting out all the untargeted clutter.

Typically, it seems major search engines change their algorithms every two weeks, making it practically impossible for smaller businesses to compete with the manpower and deep budgets of larger companies.

BigClique.com has been built based on equality and is the search engine of choice to source niche sites. BigClique”s algorithms are based on many factors and have been fully tested. Mr. Olu added, &#34I am pleased our technology delivers responsive, targeted results to the end user.&#34

BigClique web search listings are based on metaTags, page text, number of links coming into the site, and other &#34trademark technical secrets.&#34 Web images are shown alongside search results in most cases.

BigClique.com was built with scalability at the epicenter of its technology. &#34Our Java technology architecture has been built from the ground up,&#34 says Mr. Olu, &#34and we”re continuously working to keep it at the forefront of search engine technology.&#34