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Obama Hands over Assad’s Fate to Putin, Syria Opposition Demands Rearmament - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive
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Beirut, Riyadh- It has become evidently clear that U.S. President Barack Obama has handed over the fate of the Syrian regime head, Bashar al-Assad, to Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

The above conclusion can be drawn out a series of statements recently issued by the White House on Obama directing national security senior advisors to focus on a political solution for the Syria crisis.

More so, Russia’s foreign ministry published a statement saying that all partakers at the recently held Lausanne talks, hosted by Switzerland, had agreed to the people of Syria’s right to determine their future, and that the discussion will be comprehensive, including all Syria parties.

Similar to the Lausanne talks, subsequent London talks arrived to no clear-cut and defined conclusion– U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and UK counterpart Boris Johnson kept it to saying that West allied countries are looking for a chance to impose sanctions against the Russian and Syrian economies for the war crimes committed by both regimes.

“So we went through a large list of ideas, proposals to ratchet up that pressure and to keep that pressure on, and they include economic proposals, proposals to make sure that there are new ways of getting humanitarian aid into Aleppo, and of course, as you’ll have seen previously, measures to bring the culprits for the slaughter to justice before the International Criminal Court or some other tribunal,” said Mr. Johnson.

On the other hand, Turkish diplomats protested against Russia’s obstinacy and U.S. inactivity that was greatly showcased at the Lausanne talks.

The U.S. is asking that countries, which are friendly with Syria, stand by and withhold any escalation, urging patience against any action, and waiting for developments–noting that U.S. elections are just around the corner, a Turkish source told Asharq Al-Awsat.

The Syria opposition in turn abandoned a diplomatic solution for the country, reacting to the U.S. idle stance. The opposition resorted to European countries to provide necessary armament for the people of Syria who are being constantly targeted by regime air campaigns and heavy fire.

Assad continues to move further with realizing a demographic change to the country in the name of “national interest.”