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The Syrian crisis: a massacre, not a war! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The Sunday Times photo-journalist Paul Conroy, speaking from his hospital bed in Britain, revealed shocking information about the situation in Homs, after he was rescued by the Farouk brigade affiliated to the Syrian revolutionaries. Conroy torpedoed everything that is being said about a civil war taking place in Syria when he stressed that what is happening there is “not a war, it’s a massacre”.

The statements made by the British photographer are saddening and frightening, particularly as he has prior experience in photographing wars and conflicts. In an interview with Sky News, Conroy revealed shocking details about what is taking place in Syria, telling the interviewer that the world must take action to stop what is happening there. Conroy said “forget the geo-politics, forget the meetings, forget all of that, do something because as I’m talking to you now they’re dying” adding “they need help.” This is clear talk, from a man who is bedridden and whose body is wounded, exposing the crimes of the al-Assad regime which, for its part, sensed the danger – or let us say harm – that the journalists who were rescued from Homs could do to the tyrant’s regime. This is because these journalists will shame al-Assad and awaken the world’s conscience, particularly that of Europe, against al-Assad. This is why the tyrant’s regime took the initiative to issue a statement late on Friday expressing its deep sadness over the death of the American journalist [Marie Colvin]; however this is the same regime that did not feel a moment of pity as it killed almost ten thousand Syrians! The tyrant’s regime has realized – as I stated last week – that it has fallen into a trap and it is clear that the al-Assad regime is feeling anxious and confused in this regard. Evidence of this can be seen in the tyrant of Damascus’s ambassador to the UN issuing a call for western journalists to be held accountable for illegally entering Syria, whilst Hezbollah affiliated media previously called for the same thing. In addition to this, the tyrant’s regime also issued a statement expressing its sadness over the death of the American journalist!

Therefore, the stories that the rescued journalists will reveal will not just confuse the tyrant of Damascus’s regime and awaken the world’s conscience, but this will also refute the silly American story about an Al Qaeda presence in Syria, particularly as the French journalist and British photographer were rescued by the Farouk brigade, 13 of whose members were killed at the hands of al-Assad regime forces attempting to kill the journalists as they were fleeing Homs for Lebanon. This refutes the American claim of Al Qaeda being present in Syria, for Al Qaeda – which beheaded American journalist Daniel Pearl in Afghanistan – would never allow British and French journalists to be smuggled into Lebanon!

Therefore the testimony of the British photo-journalist, in addition to what the French journalist will no doubt reveal in the future, will represent a significant blow to the al-Assad regime, in addition to exposing its crimes to the international community, particularly as Mr. Conroy told Sky News that “there was no restraint with the cameras there. God knows what’s happening now the cameras are gone.” He added that one day in the future we will shamefully ask ourselves “how did we let this happen under our nose?”

This is the question that we must ask ourselves today, not tomorrow, for what is taking place in Syria is a massacre, not a war, and it is a disgrace that the world is allowing this to happen!