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In America, or Britain, the president or prime minister, will come out to give a 30-minute speech, and following this news channels will bring out a panel of analysts who will decipher and interpret this speech for 60 minutes. This is not to mention what appears on television, or what is written in the newspapers. Every word that was used by the president or prime minister in the speech is explained, and people are also reminded of what officials previously said [in this regard]. However in our region, the opposite is true, and so we see the Hezbollah leader appearing to us to give a long speech, with the satellite channels allowing him the opportunity to accuse, justify, and twist history as he wishes, without analyzing this speech which is full of propaganda and deception.

[In his speech] Nasrallah praised former Lebanese Prime Minister Omar Karami for his refusal to accept the post of prime minister, however this was not the whole story, for in fact Nasrallah was the one who telephoned Karami and asked him to nominate himself for this post, which means that Nasrallah is the one who is forming the Lebanese governments. This is the news, particularly since Nasrallah has not been elected by anybody; he is a leader by force of arms alone!

When Nasrallah says that he will not respond to a killer, he is referring to Dr. Samir Geagea, [who he accused of being responsible for the death of former Prime Minister Rashid Karami]. This can be seen in the ruling that was issued against Geagea. The question that must be asked here is: Geagea accepted the law and the ruling issued against him, why does Nasrallah then reject the international tribunal? Why doesn’t he call on the international tribunal to reveal who is responsible for the deaths of [former Lebanese Prime Minister] Rafik Hariri and his colleagues? Why have those who killed Lebanese citizens when Hezbollah occupied Beirut not been brought to trial? When Nasrallah says that talk about the division of Lebanon is nothing more than intimidation, then we must ask him: who dares to enter the southern suburbs [of Beirut?]

We have noticed that there are numerous inaccuracies and deceptions [in Nasrallah’s] speech, and there is another blatant example of this. Nasrallah said that there is no Iranian project in Lebanon, but anybody can view the YouTube clip of a speech given by Nasrallah in September 1986. In this clip, Nasrallah said “we do not believe in a nation called Lebanon, but rather in the grand Islamic nation. Lebanon and this region are for Islam and Muslims, and must be ruled by Islam and Muslims. We do not have a draft system [for rule] in Lebanon, we must first remove the Israeli colonial situation and then we can talk about implementing our project. There is no other option but this project, because we are ideological believers, and this is the project of an Islamic state and Islamic rule, with Lebanon not being a single Islamic state, but rather part of the grand Islamic nation that is ruled by Sahib al Zaman [twelfth imam] and his legitimate deputy the Wali al-Faqih [Guardian of the Jurists] Imam al-Khomeini. I could not, for a moment, be affiliated to the Hezbollah movement if I was not certain that this movement was connected to the Wali al-Faqih, whose rulings must be followed.” The satellite television channels were, of course, capable of revealing this truth to the Lebanese and Arabs.

The other issue is that whilst Nasrallah calls for respect of the Lebanese constitution and the state institutions, we must recall that it was his allies that blocked and obstructed the previous government with their veto power, as a Lebanese official informed me. This is something that turned Saad Hariri into the Mohammed Khatami of Lebanon.

Therefore Nasrallah’s speech is one that reveals a coup, and in which he announces that he is the Supreme Guide of Lebanon, despite the constitutions, and all the sects in Lebanon…so have you noticed the extent of his deception?