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The Abu Adas Axis | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Details of the indictment announced by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, accusing four elements affiliated to Hezbollah of the assassination of Rafik Hariri, shows that our region, since the year 2000 until now, has been living in the era of the “Axis of Abu Adas”[in reference to the Lebanese citizen who appeared in a video allegedly claiming responsibility for the assassination of Rafik Hariri], rather than the era of resistance or opposition.

Details of the indictment show that the crime of the assassination of Rafik Hariri, its magnitude, and its details, could not have been carried out by four people alone, regardless of their criminal skills. It was an organized effort at the highest levels, and a [state] apparatus must have been behind it to organize and coordinate, and seek to mislead. If only four individuals had carried out the assassination, then it would have been easy for other security organs working in Lebanon to uncover them, such as the Syrian intelligence service, which formally controlled Lebanon at the time, alongside Hezbollah’s devices and Iran. In Lebanon there is an open tear where everybody can secretly listen in! Therefore, it would have been impossible for four individuals to undertake the planning of an operation as enormous as the assassination of Rafik Hariri with such ease, especially as the planning was done in Dahiya, the same location as Hassan Nasrallah’s headquarters.

Here we must note a vital point: the operation itself which was planned in Dahiya, but then thrust into Tripoli, in order to portray it as a terrorist act carried out by a Sunni terrorist group. Thus the story of Abu Adas was fabricated – to mislead of course, and this is an indication of something more serious that has been going on in our region for ten years; namely pinning all terrorist operations in the region on Sunni groups. The boom in al-Qaeda and its crimes has been exploited, intentionally of course, and this explains the reliable reports of relations between al-Qaeda and Iran, whether in Iraq or Afghanistan, as well as training centers in Syria, or recent reports of significant moves towards Shiite militias in Iraq. Here, we must think carefully: Is it conceivable that terrorists – whatever their skills – could carry out huge operations in our region without the support of state devices?

Is it conceivable, for example, that al-Qaeda could carry out 15 terrorist operations simultaneously in 15 Iraqi cities, as has happened in the last few days, without the assistance of security apparatuses, whether internal or external? This is not true at all. If al-Qaeda was able to do this with such ease, then what exactly is the government of Nuri al-Maliki doing in Iraq?

Therefore, what we have been witnessing in our region for years, rather than the axis of opposition, is the “Axis of Abu Adas”, [established] through deception and assassinations, with regards to the geographical region pertaining to the allies Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, with their hands stretching far, whether in Iraq or Lebanon. Of course, the “Axis of Abu Adas” has an integrated media system, and a complex network that state apparatuses clearly stand behind. It is not the work of individuals. There is a network undertaking the planning and implementation, served by a media system which seeks to mislead and link what is happening either to Israel or to Sunni fundamentalist groups. The objectives are clear, most notably to impose Iranian influence to establish a sectarian belt around Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, as well as to relieve pressure on the al-Assad regime at the moment.

Therefore, the importance of the Hariri tribunal is not only to achieve justice, but in order to expose the great deception of what I call the “Axis of Abu Adas” in the region.