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There have been three positions in Syria within 24 hours that confirm that there is no state regime in Syria but rather a Shabiha [thug] regime whether in the media, political or military sector.

An “analyst” affiliated to the Syrian regime, or rather the Shabiha’s media as described by some Syrian members of the opposition, told Al Arabiya television channel on the evening that the Gulf states condemned the state violence in Syria in a statement that: “The Gulf states do not have the right to condemn Syria.” Then he said, threateningly, “the Syrian president could have supported the Shia of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait against the Gulf regimes but it was Assad’s Arabism and patriotism that prevented him from doing so!” This means that the Shabiha of the Syrian media are saying that some of the Shia of the Gulf to be bought and sold and this in itself is an insult to the Shia, never mind that it is a clear threat from the Syrians to the Gulf States!

The response to the media branch of the Syrian Shabiha is very simple; was it not the Syrian regime that supported Hezbollah and Amal in Lebanon at the expense of the rest of the Lebanese? Was it not the Syrian regime that threw itself into the arms of Iran at the expense of Arabism and the Arabs? Is it not the Syrian regime that has supported Al Qaeda in Iraq since the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime? Today we must pay attention to the recent threat made by the Iraqi Hezbollah against a Kuwaiti port, as it seems that sleeper cells have begun to stir in our region, especially as the threats are now explicit and for all the world to see!

This is what concerns the Shabiha of the media; however politically we have Syrian Presidential Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban threatening Turkey and threatening its Foreign Minister if he visits Damascus. It was announced that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is going to Syria to convey “a decisive message” from Turkey, however Bouthaina Shaaban responded by saying Syria was ready to deliver an “even more decisive one.” Worst of all, Shaaban rebuked Turkey for failing to condemn the “brutal killing and crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups against the civilians, military and police members until now.” Imagine that! This is what is being said to Turkey that has taken in thousands of Syrian refugees to its country who fled to Turkey after the wave of repression and violence was committed against them by the security of the Syrian regime and the Shabiha. Is there anything more slanderous than this?

The third position is attributed to a Syrian military official who said not a single tank has entered Deir Ezzor to date despite that the number of unarmed citizens killed (at the time of publication) exceeded forty civilians according to international news agencies, as a result of the military operations carried out by forces of the Syrian regime in Deir Ezzor!

Therefore we have three models affiliated to the Syrian regime with regards to the media and the political and military fields, all of which are making threats implicitly and explicitly and distorting words in order to convey matters in the way that they see them rather than in the way things are happening on the ground. After all that how can anyone trust a regime whose affiliates, on all levels, act as if they are members of the Shabiha who betray unarmed Syrians? It really is the Shabiha regime.