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Syria: A new trick! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The Syrian opposition is entirely right when it says that the al-Assad regime signing the protocol to send observers to Syria is nothing but an evasion attempt. This is absolutely true; the al-Assad regime only deals in tricks and procrastination. The signing of the protocol has taken nearly a month of tricks and evasions, whilst around 50 Syrians per day have fallen at the hands of the al-Assad regime’s killing machine throughout the month of negotiation, or rather circumvention. Given all of the above, what will the situation be like, with regards to implementing what has been agreed upon, particularly as Walid Muallem will be busy convincing the followers of the al-Assad regime, in their narrow circles, that the agreement was only signed after amendments stipulated by the al-Assad regime itself? What Muallem wants to convey to those circles is that the al-Assad regime is strong and coherent, and the regime signing the agreement is not a sign of weakness. The al-Assad regime is not committed to the safety of the Syrians; rather it wants to protect its shaky image internally, in these narrow circles. Muallem’s comments show that the al-Assad regime is still the same regime that has always been preoccupied with petty matters, thinking with a conceited mentality rather than being compelled to do what’s right!

To say that the al-Assad regime signing the protocol is a new trick that will be exposed in the coming days, and that the al-Assad regime will also procrastinate over the implementation of this agreement; this is also true. Just as the regime delayed for one month in the negotiations, it will delay for approximately another two months with regards to the implementation [of the agreement]. Yet there is little time for more delays, as it is expected that more demonstrations will emerge in Syria now, especially as the protocol agreement sought to ensure the freedom to demonstrate. Here we will see whether the al-Assad regime abides by the agreement or not. As noted above, all indications suggest that there is no hope in this regime, especially as the al-Assad killing machine mowed down more than 100 Syrians on the day that the regime announced it had signed the Arab protocol!

Thus, the Arabs should get ready for another round of evasions, procrastination and delays, which will be undertaken by the al-Assad regime in the coming days. Arab observers will now taste bitterness in its dealings with the regime, and the al-Assad regime will drown them in endless details.

However, the Syrian people themselves can shorten matters considerably, despite the suffering of the unarmed civilians. As is expected, the demonstrations in Syria will now be bigger, and will engulf many Syrian regions. It is noticeable today that Damascus and Aleppo have decided to break their silence, and participate in the popular demonstrations against the al-Assad regime. This will ensure the failure of the regime’s tricks to thwart the Arab initiative, stipulating the withdrawal of the regime’s troops and the Shabiha [militia]. This will also put the al-Assad regime to the test, for if it withdraws its troops there will be mass demonstrations, and if the regime is to be believed even for once, and actually allows Arab observers to enter Syria, their presence will certainly strengthen the protest movement. What the al-Assad regime does not understand is that the issue is not what the West or the Arabs want from it, but rather what the Syrians have done and are doing, for this will neutralize all the never-ending tricks of the al-Assad regime.