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Just imagine, the individual who marginalized nearly half of Iraq’s population, and who during his ongoing period of rule saw the Christians driven out of their own country and harassed, is now describing the Arab Gulf states as tyrannical and is attacking them!

Just imagine the person who came [to power] on the back of an American tank, and whose term in office as Prime Minister was renewed for him despite losing the elections, and whose people came out and demonstrated on the day they regretted merely voting for him, is now talking about democracy and freedoms!

Just imagine this; during his time in power more Iraqis were killed than during the Saddam Hussein era and all his wars and he is now talking about rights and justice?

Just imagine that the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki, whose term was renewed based on Iranian-US approval and whose government killed approximately 14 anti-government protesters a few days ago, is now attacking the Arab Gulf states on the pretext of defending the Shia of Bahrain and is giving lectures on freedom and democracy and talking about the winds of change. Can anything be more ironic than this? How can Nuri al Maliki be the Prime Minister to the whole of Iraq, with all its Sunnis, Shia, Christians and other components, whilst using the same language as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Hassan Nasrallah? We have written so much on the sectarianism of the Iraqi government and its subordination to Iran and we were told that we were exaggerating. And now we have the Arabs, the people of the Gulf in particular, and of course the Iraqis before them, dumbstruck at what al Maliki and others like him, such as Muqtada al Sadr who lives in Iran and Ahmed al Chalabi, one of the most prominent figures of the US occupation of Iraq, do and say. How can people of this sectarian mindset be guardians of the various components of the Iraqi nation?

When al Maliki attacks the Gulf States and their leaders he is confirming one fact to us; that the current sectarian Iraqi regime is not democratic. He is also confirming that this regime will not last at all in this extreme form as Iraq does not belong to the Shia or to any one sect and nor should it. Rather, al Maliki’s attack will isolate the Iraqi regime and it has no future with this kind of logic unless it wants to be like Hezbollah, which also has no future. But there is one very important point to which we must pay attention; we are fortunate that all the cards have been revealed and the game has become clear today.

The lie that is the democracy of Iraq can no longer continue and it cannot be said that Baghdad has returned as an active member on the Arab scene; rather, Iraq has become an active member in the process of the exportation of the Iranian project in the region.

This is not a Sunni-Shia issue, but rather an issue of who believes in the homeland and who believes in the Wali al Faqih [Guardian Jurist] and there is a big difference between the two. Therefore, we are fortunate today that the process of separating [the two] has taken place with very clear results and has happened faster than we thought as this helps us to know who Iran’s agents are and to know who are truly eager for their own homelands. With regards to al Maliki and others in Baghdad who are attacking the Gulf States, one can only say to them: if you have no shame then do as you please!