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President-elect Donald Trump. (Brendan McDermid / Reuters)

Everyone is entitled to criticizing Donald Trump, and there are many reasons for that. But he is the President-elect of the United States now. It is not a matter of critiquing him or knowing who he is or what to expect from him.

The question that should be asked, and precisely by Saudi Arabia and its allies, is: How do we deal with Trump?

We are faced by president who will arrive at the White House on January 21, with the Congress under his Republican party’s control. Despite the obstacles he might face – like how to manage his presidency and whom to choose the new administration, this remains an internal American issue and not the issue of our region that should deal with the Trump administration.

Eventually, we will deal with an American President even if he was struggling with internal issues, like our region dealt with former President Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Well, how do we deal with Trump?

We should keep in mind that Trump is not well informed like President Obama, and he is not concerned with the philosophical and social aspects like Obama.

It is true that Trump is not a politician, but he is direct. The power and jurisdiction of American President should be taken lightly especially with the Republicans taking control over the Congress.

Trump doesn’t live inside history books. He is an adventurous man who tried to do everything and ended up being the President of the United States!

Therefore, it is our duty now, especially Saudi Arabia and its allies, to reconsider everything starting with the role and size of representation and embassies in Washington.

During a deep and important interview with The Atlantic, former and most famous State of Secretary Henry Kissinger spoke of the current change in U.S., what Trump’s candidacy means, and what will happen if he won.

Kissinger said that he was in China when it crystallized in April that Trump was running for president. He said that the Chinese reacted by having a discussion about “what is really going on. What is he trying to do? What should they do in response? Since they have also paid attention to what Trump keeps saying about negotiations, they are reflecting about the possibility that, shocking as his behavior is, it might provide the occasion for a comprehensive discussion.”

Since China, the real power, is doing that, it is time for Saudi Arabia, and its allies, to seriously consider how to begin relations with America of Trump.

The shock of him becoming president should be left to Americans, intellectuals, and journalists.

The real discussion should happen through specialists and well informed people. There should be an open discussion where everything is said until we form a notion.

Just as Trump is rushing to form his administration, we should race time to reach a practical concept on how to deal with Trump, and before the Oath of office of the President of the United States.