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From al-Awamiyya to London! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The explosion in front of the British Embassy in Bahrain took place in the wake of the occupation of the British Embassy in Tehran. At the same time, the Qatif governorate in Saudi Arabia – just like what previously happened in al-Awamiyya [in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia] – witnessed acts of sabotage. We then saw the Bahraini flag being held high in Karbala, Iraq… so what is the connection between all of this?

What connects all these incident is that they share the same source; namely Iran. This is not because Iran is a great power, but rather because Iran’s strength lies in subversion. However, despite all this, some people in Saudi Arabia are coming out publicly to issue statements –which is a scenario that has played out after every such event – claiming that the al-Awamiyya and Qatif incidents were not caused by foreign interference, in the knowledge that some scholars and sheiks from this same region previously issued a statement warning against those who carry arms and come out [in protest] against the ruler and the homeland!

If there are those who want to defend Iran simply in order to cause controversy or score political points, then this is absurd, particularly those who present themselves as “human rights activists”. This is because sectarian exists, and unfortunately this is something that our region is suffering from, but not due to our own actions – or even the actions of our regimes – but rather this is present thanks to the actions of those who want to feed off this. Here, I am talking about Iran. For when [Hezbollah chief] Nasrallah comes out to defend Bashar al-Assad on the day of Ashoura, especially considering that the al-Assad regime has so far killed more than 4,000 Syrians, what else can we call this? This defense was not delivered from the standpoint of opposition, resistance, or human rights; indeed a more accurate description of this would be that it was as a result of sectarianism. The same applies to what is happening in Iraq, whether with regards to Baghdad’s position on Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or even Syria. Therefore, those today who try to pretend that they are against sectarianism – and this includes some Saudis – are nothing more than the continuance of Tehran’s propaganda machine to the point that we now have an Iranian lobby in Saudi Arabia, and it is not ashamed of appearing on the front pages of some Saudi newspapers.

The danger in what these people are doing is that they are distorting the facts in front of the public opinion, and this is something that only benefits Iran. The matter is not confined to Saudi Arabia alone, rather this Iranian lobby must be considered an Arab phenomenon. For example, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm recently revealed that some groups in Egypt were being financed by Iran, and quoted official sources who revealed that counterfeit money had entered Egypt from Iran. Worse still, the newspaper also revealed the involvement of “prominent media figures” who were coordinating between Iran and these Egyptian groups!

The problem with many of those advocating the protection of human rights and culture is that they try to distort the facts before the public, sometimes in the name of the “resistance”, and other times in the name of protecting religion, and today under the pretext of protecting minorities. All this talk is intended to deceive. From al-Awamiyya to London, via Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and other countries, we find the Iranian hand of destruction at work, tampering with the situation without hesitation. Tehran always finds those willing to help it in its deception, and it has many accomplices. They can be found in every location, under different circumstances, most recently those who issued the statement from Saudi Arabia.