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Russia Develops ‘Invisible Cloak’ for Soldiers | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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A batch Russian soldiers join the parade. Photo: Reuters

Moscow – We have all watched movies about the ‘invisible man’, and each movie had its own special story on how someone could become invisible to the human-eye, in some scenarios there were hats that could make people disappear, or chemical reactions that make people vanish.

Until recently, this idea was merely the creation of science-fiction, however, it seems that scientific and technological development might lead to innovations that fulfill the human imagination, especially that the “invisible cloak” has become a truth.

The media office of the Russian “Tractor Plants” said scientists from Russia’s Saratov State University developed a unique camouflage material, which will be used in by army to make Russian soldiers invisible for the enemy’s radars. However, soldier will still be seen by humans and the traditional reconnaissance assets.

According to Interfax, the Russian scientists didn’t disclose the technology they’ve adopted, however they didn’t deny that they used the latest achievements of the Nano-industry while developing it.

The new technology will allow to impart radio-absorbing properties for any fabric without altering its mass and other parameters. In other words, it allows to dress soldiers in ordinary uniforms invisible to the enemy’s radar devices.

The special radar reconnaissance systems are known with their capacity to detect soldiers’ movements relying on the “temperature” concept, which means they use the “thermal detection” to determine soldiers’ location.

Experts explain that the latest development will create lightweight radio-absorbing or radio-scattering materials used as means of camouflaging both military personnel and equipment.

The development of the “invisible cloak” and its use in military operations will certainly provide armies with the important elements required for success and victory in any battle, and mainly the surprise factor.

It is not known yet when the Russian forces will begin using this cloak. However, experts said finding a technique to limit the light signals emitted by the human body means a “total disappearance technique” which could even prevents humans from seeing soldiers.