Knife-Wielding Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Forces

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian teen wielding a knife on Saturday in the occupied West Bank, police said.

The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the teenager had been killed. There was no other comment from Palestinian officials.

A 17-year-old Palestinian approached a group of Israeli paramilitary policemen stationed at a West Bank junction, holding what appeared to be a bag, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said, and the troops then called on him to stop.

Israel blames the violence on incitement by the Palestinian leadership. The Palestinian Authority, which exercises limited self-rule in the West Bank, says desperation over the 50-year occupation of land sought by Palestinians for a state is the cause.

Palestinians want to establish an independent state in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, territories Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war. The last round of peace talks broke down in 2014.

Shooting Kills Four in Italy

Four men were shot dead in an apparent gangland killing on Wednesday in southern Italy, police reported. Two of the victims believed to be farmers who were targeted because they had witnessed the attack.

The men were gunned down close to a railway crossing near the village of San Marco in Lamis in the Puglia region.

Two of the dead were named by police as Mario Luciano Romito, a well-known local crime boss, and his brother-in-law
Matteo De Palma.

They were traveling together in a black Volkswagen Beetle when a car drew alongside and fired at them.

The assailants then opened fire on two farmers sitting nearby in their car, killing one on the spot. The second died
later in hospital.

Italian media reported that they were brothers who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One Jordanian Killed, Israeli Injured in Shooting at Tel Aviv Embassy in Amman


Amman- A Jordanian man, 17, was killed on Sunday after getting wounded during a quarrel between him and an Israeli at a residential building affiliated with the Israeli embassy in the Rabieh neighborhood in west Amman, a Jordanian security source said.

The source said that the Jordanian man was gunshot wounded to his shoulder while the Israeli had multiple stab wounds to the abdomen.

The Public Security Department (PSD) a police taskforce responded to the incident and deployed to the site.

The police then evacuated the men for medical treatment but one of them, a Jordanian, was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The PSD added in a statement that preliminary investigations indicate that the two Jordanians had entered the embassy’s compound to do carpentry work, Jordanian news agency Petra said.

The statement said the PSD launched an extensive investigation into the incident and informed the Public Prosecution in order to find out all details and circumstances in accordance with legal procedures followed in such cases.

A source said that one of the two Jordanians stabbed the assistant of the Israeli embassy’s security manager after a quarrel between them.

The other Jordanian then stabbed another Jordanian worker inside the embassy before the Israeli guard fired at one of them while the embassy’s security staff arrested the other.

The security source spoke about an attempt to penetrate the embassy compound.

Another security source told Asharq Al-Awsat other details of what happened on Sunday.

He said that two Jordanians were trying to do carpenter works inside a building affiliated with the embassy when one of the Israeli embassy employers fired at them upon suspicion, killing one of the two Jordanian men and arresting the other.

Qatif Terrorist Shooting Killed the Budding Life of Two-Year-Old Jawad


Dammam – Saudi toddler Jawad al-Dagher met an ill fate at the hands of terrorists who showered his father’s vehicle with bullets in Al-Awamiyah in Qatif governorate in the Eastern Province.

Covered in his own blood after sustaining a head injury Jawad did not survive the brutal attack launched by trigger-happy gunmen.

Jawad’s family was on their way back home from Qatif to Al Ahsa. However, after missing their exit, the family found themselves strolling down a dim-lit street in Al-Awamiyah, only to later be surprised by the shooting.

The father, reiterated the frustrating helplessness he found himself in that day, he could not have done anything to avoid it.

Bullets smashed through the windshield and through Jawad’s head, scattering the toddler’s blood inside the car.

“The bullet pierced the back of the car from the right side, crossed the back seat, later getting lodged in Jawad’s head,” Jawad’s uncle Ahmed al-Khamis said.

He pointed out that Jawad is the only one injured in the incident.

Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, security spokesman at the Ministry of Interior, said that the attack took place on Wednesday following the terrorists’ attempt to disrupt construction of a development project in Al-Masourah.

Al-Khamis also voiced his deep appreciation to security forces who have maintained contact with Jawad’s family and the families of those wounded.

“This is what we have always known of our security men and the sons of our country, they stand by us through good and hard times,” he added.

For its part, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) condemned the terrorist shooting in Qatif, which killed two people and injured others.

ISESCO affirmed its stand with Saudi Arabia in its effective measures to combat terrorism in all its forms.

Could Malmo become Sweden’s Chicago


Malmo – When you wander in the Sweden Möllevången district, you may not quickly notice that the southern city is known as one of the international hot spots of organized crimes.

Young women hold their babies’ carriages, and elderlies sit in the sun, while the square of Möllevången seems agitated. However, in February, this square witnessed an awful crime.

The image of Malmo has deteriorated after a series of shooting accidents that took place recently and was brought into light by conservative media outlets like the US Fox News.

Even US President Donald Trump highlighted these accidents in one of his speeches earlier this year and said: “Look at what’s happening in Sweden.”

Criminologist Manne Gerell said that Malmo had a drastic increase in shootings and murders. Since the beginning of 2016, 17 people have been killed during riots in Malmo, a city with only about 330,000 inhabitants. The Russian station RT said Malmo has become “Sweden’s Chicago” after the acts of violence it had witnessed.

Many of the crimes that occurred in Malmo were often linked to criminal networks. In most of these cases, police was found helpless and failed in finding even one suspect. A saleswoman at the Mollan store in Möllevången said she is not afraid.

One of the square’s corners features roses and a large photo of a 23-year-old young man who was shot in front of a Thai restaurant. According to the police, he had been involved in drug trafficking. Marvin, who has been selling vegetables for two decades in the Mollan market, says: “The city is no longer the same… drugs triggered clashes.”

Mollan lodges many refugees including this heavy-build salesperson, who was a child when he came to Sweden from Lebanon 40 years ago. Despite being immigrant, Marvin says: “”We allowed too many people to come and live in this country. We need more strict rules.” Such sentences leave good echoes among the Swedish right-winged populists.

“These crimes do not occur because of ethnic background, but because of social class, and no one talks about it,” said Malmo’s mayor for environment and security, Andreas Schönström. The social democrat politician said 150 out of 200 members from the organized crimes’ networks in the city come from foreign backgrounds. “But that’s not the reason, the major factor is that people in these areas live in bad conditions,” he said.

With ‘these areas”, the politician means neighborhoods like Sofielund near Möllan and Rosengård, where a 23-year-old hug had been shot at the end of March. The victim, according to the police, was a witness to a murder of a 16-year-old boy in the same district in January.

“We offered him protection, but he did not want to cooperate with us,” said Lars Förstell, a police officer.

“Perhaps because he was dealing with drugs.” This was one of the few acts where the police arrested a suspect. However, the case was not terminated.

Deputy Mayor Schönström said the city witnesses a struggle over power among a bunch of young men.

“A few years ago, the police succeeded in arresting the leaders of those networks. They had a lot of weapons,” he added.

Gerell said most of the weapons enter Sweden through Malmo. Many newcomers also arrive in the country through this city.

Schönström noted that people move quickly from the city, however, poverty, social problems and crime remain in the area.

The local football club gathers homeless boys from the street in the evening, and property owners are considered responsible for any incidents that may occur in their neglected buildings. A team on bicycles is responsible of cleaning the neighborhood daily.

Police Kill Suspect behind Shooting of 7 People in San Diego


A man drinking beer in one hand and brandishing a gun in the other opened fire on Sunday at a birthday pool party at an apartment complex in California’s San Diego in the United States, local media said.

Seven people were shot in the incident. One woman who was shot died, several victims were in surgery and others were still critical late Sunday, Chief Shelley Zimmerman said at a news conference. An additional man was taken to the hospital after he broke his arm while fleeing.

Police soon intervened, shooting and killing the 49-year-old man identified as Peter Selis.

A police helicopter arrived to the scene first and the pilot reported seeing multiple victims on the ground and that the suspect, Selis, was still in the pool area and appeared to be reloading.

Three officers on the ground shot the suspect after he pointed a large-caliber hand gun at them, Zimmerman said.

Police believe that Selis lived in the complex but have not discovered a motive. They are investigating.

Rikky Galiendes, 27, heard gunshots around 6 p.m.and went to look outside his sixth-story apartment when he spotted a man bleeding and running near the pool below. Galiendes told The Associated Press that he called out to ask if the man needed help when his roommate grabbed him, yanked him down and then pointed toward a man sitting in a chair with a gun.

“When we looked over the balcony, he was just sitting down with a gun on his lap,” Galiendes said. “He was calm, you know. I mean from my perspective, the guy was ready to do whatever he was going to do. He shot at people having a good time and having a party.”

Galiendes and his roommate ran back inside and called police. They stayed indoors until neighbors yelled that it was safe to come out. Galiendes said it was a horrifying scene.

“As soon as I heard the gunshots I had goosebumps and the whole thing was really emotionally draining — seeing blood everywhere, seeing bodies on the ground, hoping they survived, seeing bloody footsteps you know of people who ran away. There was just so much blood. It was so surreal.”

Galiendes, a full-time communications student at the University of California San Diego, said he has lived in the complex since September.

Ambiguity Surrounds Assassination of Iranian Opposition Member in Istanbul


Ankara, Kuwait – Ambiguity surrounded the assassination of Iranian opposition businessman Saeed Karimian and his Kuwaiti business partner, Mohammad Metab al-Shalahi in the upscale Maslak neighborhood of northern Istanbul on Saturday night.

The two men were killed by masked shooters driving a vehicle, which Turkish police said was later found abandoned and burned in another part of Istanbul.

Sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that preliminary reports showed that financial issues related to television channels owned by Karimian, who is also a British national, and Al-Shalahi may have prompted the crime.

The Kuwaiti sources said on Sunday that Al-Shalahi was killed “accidentally” due to his presence with his Iranian partner when the assassination took place.

Karimian’s activities and connections also promoted the possibility of a political assassination.

The Iranian businessman is the owner of GEM TV, the biggest network of television channels that speak against the Iranian regime.

Karimian was previously sentenced in absentia to prison by an Iranian court for spreading propaganda against the regime. He was also accused of being affiliated to the Iranian opposition organization abroad, the “Mujahideen Khalq.”

Hours after the assassination, journalist and political activist Amir Fakhravar, who is close to Karimian, published photos accusing the Iranian authorities of standing behind the assassination.

Turkey’s Dogan news agency said on Sunday that Karimian and his associate were driving in Istanbul’s Maslak neighborhood on Saturday night when their car was blocked by a jeep. Karimian was killed by 27 shots fired at him. Al-Shalahi was hit with three bullets, and died later at the hospital.

Until Sunday, Istanbul police did not comment on the shooting. No party claimed responsibility for the assassination.

Gunman Opens Fire on Champs Elysees, French Police Officer Killed

One police officer was killed and two others wounded Thursday in a shooting on Paris’s famed Champs Elysees, just days ahead of France’s presidential election, police said.

AFP cited France’s interior ministry stating that the gunman was killed after opening fire on the officers on the boulevard. Anti-terror prosecutors have opened an investigation.

“The attacker arrived by car and got out. He opened fire on a police car with an automatic weapon, killing one of the police officers and trying to attack others while running,” a police source told AFP, asking not be named.

The bustling shopping street in the heart of the city was blocked by armed officers and nearby metro stations closed.

The election has long been seen as a potential target of extremists. Witnesses recounted scenes of panic as people ran for cover and sought shelter.

“We had to hide our customers in the basement,” Choukri Chouanine, manager of a restaurant near the site of the shooting, told AFP, saying there was “lots of gunfire.”

Dozens of vehicles from the emergency services were sent to the area, where a helicopter was also deployed.

As the first details filtered through, US President Donald Trump sent his condolences and said that “it looks like another terrorist attack. What can you say? It just never ends.”

The shooting comes two days after the arrest of two men in southern Marseille with weapons and explosives who were suspected of preparing an attack to disrupt the first-round of the presidential election on Sunday.

Troubled Student Responsible for Grasse School Shooting in France

A teenage student opened fire on Thursday at a high school in southeastern France, wounding up to four people, in an attack carried out after he had watched United States mass shooting videos such as that in Columbine, officials said.

“It was total panic,” Achraf, a student in the school, said on BFM TV. “The gunshots were at 4 to 5 meters from where we were. We thought the gunman was coming towards us. We heard him shouting.”

France’s Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem visiting the scene of the attack, in Grasse, said the attack, appeared to be “a crazy act by a fragile young man fascinated by firearms”.

The incident in Grasse, which does not appear to be linked to militancy, comes with France on high alert after more than 230 people were killed in the past two years by attackers allied to ISIS.

With a presidential election less than six weeks away, the attack by a 17-year-old armed with a hunting rifle looked likely to further stoke the debate on security.

Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said three people had been injured when the teenager opened fire. The local police department said four had been lightly injured.

The youth, who was also carrying two handguns and two grenades, was arrested at the school. Checks were under way to establish whether there was a second assailant.

“The first investigations suggest he had consulted videos of mass killings in America,” the ministry spokesman said.

Six Wounded in Shooting, Stabbing Attack in Israel


Ramallah, Gaza – Israeli police arrested a Palestinian man in the West Bank who is accused of staging a shooting and stabbing attack in Petah Tikva in Tel Aviv, which left six people injured.

Two women were wounded in the shooting while another man suffered injuries in the other attack, the police statement revealed.

Paramedics described the injuries as light.

“Wounds caused by the shooting are in the lower part of the body, while injuries left by the stabbing are in the upper part of the body,” according to EMTs. “There was riot and chaos when I arrived on the scene – three were treated on the spot after suffering a panic attack,” said an f.

Police said the Palestinian man, 19, is from Nablus governorate in the north of the West Bank and the weapon used in the attack was found with him – “Local residents of Petah Tikva tried to stop the attacker but two were stabbed during their attempt to do so,” revealed the police.

In a related matter, the Health Minister of the Gaza Strip reported that two Palestinian civilians were killed and five others were wounded in an air strike that hit a tunnel in Gaza near the Egyptian border.