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I have no doubt that that every believer, who cares for his religion and the reputation of the Umma, will be heartened to hear that the deviant ideology, attributed to Islam is on the retreat.

This ideology permitted the killing of Muslims, denounced people as infidels, destroyed properties, and in the process tarnished Islam’s image as a whole.

One of its evil consequences was the fierce attack waged on Muslims, by a number of parties; attacks on the education curricula and a siege on the Quran and the Sunna, the occupation of Muslim countries and the imprisonment of innocent people merely for being suspected of a crime.

Both The retreat of this ideology and the death of its Icons are encouraging developments. However, the current sympathy shown by some Muslims to Abu Musab al Zarqawi and his successor is regrettable. Al Zarqawi, who adopted al Qaeda’s deviant ideology, only brought evil to Muslims.

Those sympathizing with the barbaric and criminal acts committed by al Zarqawi, inside Iraq and elsewhere, have forgotten, or rather, chosen to forget his heinous record.

Islam is entirely innocent of these ideologies and actions. Jihad in the name of God has its own conditions and restrictions. These include a just cause, an established leader and the fighters’ unanimous choice of leadership.

Exploiting the name of Islam and the concept of jihad in order to spread chaos, weaken Muslims, and distort Islam, in full view of the world’s media, has prompted some individuals to shun the religion.

Fellow Muslims, fear God and get to know the true nature of your religion, its sound teachings, the life of Prophet Mohammed and the early Muslims from established Ulema, instead of following the semi-educated and those who claim to possess knowledge…

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Al Obeikan

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Al Obeikan

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen bin Nasser Al Obeikan is a member of Saudi Arabia's Shura Council and a judiciary consultant for the Saudi Ministry of Justice. A writer and lecturer, Sheikh Al Obeikan is a prominent figure who actively defends Islam against the fundamental and militant ideologies of groups such as Al-Qaeda.

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