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Do Not Accuse One Another - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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When one hears the accusations leveled by the sons and daughters of the Ummah against one another and when one sees how the nation is divided into feuding parties and groups, one can only pray that God will unite the Ummah and bring the current discord to an end. One of the most disturbing practices is the labeling of others by writers, scholars and Muslim individuals.

God has singled out the nation of Prophet Mohammed as the best nation and granted it the best and last holy book, and sent it the best and final messenger.

The Ummah has to be united, free of disagreements and conflicts and its sons and daughters in agreement on ideology and general methodology.

God has forbidden divisions, rivalries and arguments, and showed that it is the reason for the failure of the Ummah and its loss.

Once we are aware of this, we must realize that one of the most prominent reasons why forbidden conflicts occur is the brandishing of titles, as it creates hostility between people and communities. If such vilification and categorization spread, in addition to the accusation of deviating from the right path increases, the Ummah will be weakened and some of its members will dominate others.

This classification of people, according to personal interests and illusions, is unjust and will obstruct the much sought out integration of believers. It also contradicts God’s wishes.

All of the plights currently witnessed by the Muslim Ummah are a direct result of groups categorizing others and classifying them. The strength of the nation requires agreement, unity, the rejection of disagreements and avoiding any deviation from the rightful path. Classifying people to the extent that they might be shunned by others should not take place without clear and conclusive evidence.

It is regrettable to notice Muslims indiscriminately accusing one another, without accuracy or hesitation, and classifying others, left right and center, simply because they disagree with them. One must be very careful about blaming others and indicting them, as doing so without proof is forbidden.

When will we start caring about one another and grow close to one another instead of increasing disputes and sowing rivalries?