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Opinion: Development Through Continuity | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The roots of trees remain as they are but get stronger with age. This is the natural course of life. Branches are always pruned and flowers pollinated so they can produce and continue to live. The tree of God’s creation is one and its conclusion is also one. Life is strengthened by continuity; the deepening of roots and the development of branches.

What is going on in Saudi Arabia is normal and binary despite its fast pace and uninterrupted rhythms. As soon as the details of the “Vision” for the state were announced, decisions for implementation began to be taken. This is probably the first time that development has taken place so quickly .States used to divide their future plans into five or ten year stages. However, here we have a vision that is based on the complete development of the state’s notions and styles of government that will lead to the establishment of an economy with diversified sources of income that accommodate the variables of life and the requirements of growth.

Saudi Arabia’s population has doubled in the past three decades but the source of wealth has remained one. The cycle of production has not been developed significantly and administrative performance has changed very little despite the make-up of society and the high proportion of young people, graduates and highly skilled citizens.

In their coverage of the small decisions, the world’s largest newspapers focus on the fact that the spear header and implementer of the vision is a young man of thirty.

The vision of Prince Mohammed bin Salman has filled the columns of the front pages of the world’s major newspapers in recent weeks. In any case, this is the only good news coming out of the region that has almost become accustomed to news of destruction, gloom and injustice.

In order to create the vision and implement it, it was necessary to stop being slow and break out of the routine. It was also necessary to regenerate by introducing the younger generation after most former ministers and administrators performed their duties with talent and displayed ability.

However, this stage requires utilising additional competencies that are compatible with the new perspective of the administration’s rules and concepts for its operation.