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In the west disgrace afflicts those who deceive their own people, not those who are defeated. The Chilcot report on the Iraq war does not condemn Tony Blair because he lost the war, but rather because he, along with George W. Bush, was involved in one of the worst examples of deception in history. The report was issued sixty years after Anthony Eden was defeated and met his political end in the Suez War. Eden was defeated because he lied to his people and his most important ally, America. The tripartite aggression against Egypt was planned so that Israel would attack and then Britain and France would interfere under the pretext of resolving the conflict between the two countries, eventually removing Gamal Abdel Nasser from power.

US President Eisenhower was the first to be alarmed and said “Bombs, by God. What does Anthony think he’s doing? Why would he do that to me?” Eisenhower had warned Eden of using force because it would support the position of the Soviet Union in the Cold War. It was only after Eisenhower warned Eden and told him that he would not help him with money and oil that he began to withdraw from the adventure and ordered his troops to quickly withdraw in a humiliating way. Ownership of the Suez Canal then returned to the Egyptian government.

The defeat of Israel, the United Kingdom and France in Suez led to the strengthening of Abdel Nasser’s position, marked the beginning of the decline of the European colonial period as a whole and led to the rise of Soviet influence in the Arab and third worlds.

When military aggression against Iraq was decided on, there was not a man of Eisenhower’s balance in the White House. Rather, the president was a a deceitful one.
The Chilcot report is neither sufficient nor satisfactory, but it fulfils a legal obligation that states must undertake irrespective of whether there has been a change in governments or time has passed. Despite the report that was produced by the inquiry into the death of John F. Kennedy not solving anything, it is still the only authorised document according to America. What is important here is that Tony Blair, Anthony Eden and Guy Mollet have been convicted not only in the history of our peoples, but more importantly in the history of their peoples.

An official report on the reasons for the setback of 1967 has not been issued despite there being a thousand official narrations. There are hundreds of personal testimonies and certificates but no responsibility has been taken. There are a thousand explanations for the earthquake that shook the roots and trunks of the Arab conscience and consciousness, but there was not a single committee that held anyone accountable. Therefore, writing Arab history will remain impossible.