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RPG in al-Awamiyah | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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This time, al-Awamiyah witnessed a striking event with terrorist groups launching an RPG missile in the area killing one Saudi policeman and injuring five others.

Surely, clashes with security forces and terrorizing citizens are no new incidents to this organization, but the introduction of a new weapon that isn’t available easily explains the developments in the city and uncovers its reality.

Since the outset in 2010, they tried to fool the world with names like protests, demonstrations, peaceful and activists until they reached a point when they used missiles. For six years, Saudi security forces were self-restrained making sure not to harm the civilians in the region given that they are suffering from the terrorism of these groups as well.

With time, every reasonable person no longer felt any sympathy towards the terrorists. When they launched the RPG missile, they lost their last supporter and were outcast by the residents.

Surely, it is soon to tell how the terrorists received the RPG, and the Saudi Ministry of Interior is still investigating the issue.

In August 2015, it was announced in Kuwait that 19,000 kilos of various types of ammunitions, 144 kilos of highly explosive TNT and 56 grenades were discovered with what later became known as the Abdali cell.

The Abdali cell was supported by members affiliated with Hezbollah and Iran. In Bahrain, too, terrorist groups used such weapons, because such organizations are willing to go far.

We can’t rely on Iran and others to stop weapons’ supply. We can depend on the successful method through which the Saudi security forces managed to classify extremists and reveal their true face to the world. It was not an easy mission.

So, terminating those organizations is only a matter of time, and it won’t be long before tranquility and security return to the area.

It is important to mention here that the use of RPG is an indication that what has been happening in Awamiyah for over six years was never more than riots that gradually became blatant terrorism. It was never an issue of rights as some want to portray and neither was the purpose of targeting citizens.

This is not just about international media outlets thousands of miles away from reality and how they were fooled before the truth was revealed. This is also about regional media like the very close al-Jazeera channel which used to claim that security forces killed the protesters and opened fire at the demonstrations. It is about time a media outlet like Jazeera clarifies its position and how it was fooled while reporting those debunked allegations.

Up until last December and over the past 16 years, 128 terrorists targeted Saudi Arabia killing and injuring over 1147 Saudi citizens, residents, and security men. During those 16 years, Saudi Arabia would come back stronger than the year before, and like that terrorism in Awamiyah would be terminated whether they used RPG or any other weapon or they were supported by Iran. Eventually, the state will remain and terrorism will be abolished.