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Military Commander: Saleh Received U.S.-Weapons and Handed them over to Houthis | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Houthi militants stand guard near a gathering held by Houthi loyalists in Yemen’s capital Sanaa March 9, 2016, Reuters

Jeddah- Leader of the fourth military district Brig.Gen Ahmad Saif revealed that weapons used by Houthi and pro-Saleh militias (armed militants supporting ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh) are the same stock content offered by the U.S. in its mission to fight terrorism in Yemen.

The artillery was deployed at the time when Saleh was still in term, ruling Yemen. The U.S. administration aimed at supporting the mission on forming counter-terrorism units in Yemen. After delivery, the arms were stockpiled in Sana’a as to become of use once the counter-terrorism units are established, Brg.Gen. Saif told Asharq Al Awsat newspaper.

Brig. Saif added that the arms are estimated to be worth 500-million dollars, and most military officials were left unaware off, until the guns showed up in the battles.

Houthis, exploiting the artillery, randomly started using them first against civilians and later on against the Yemeni army. The guns are notably modern and developed. In their alliance with the ousted President, Houthi militias took over the 500-million-dollar stash of weapons.

The first usage of the high-caliber weaponry was noted at the fourth military district located south of Yemen. However, Yemeni military sources from all across frontiers have reported that the arms are gradually showing up in most battles.

Moreover, Brig. Gen. Saif pointed out that other than the acquired collection of U.S.- arms, Houthis are using a wide array of weapons. Anti-tank missiles (ATM) , Russian arms and modern day 12.7 caliber snipers are appearing in the insurgency’s hands during battles.

Nevertheless Brig. Gen. Saif confirmed that the perseverance of Yemen’s national army will not seize. Supported by the Popular Resistance, pro-legitimacy forces will continue with accomplishing victories and progress as to restore Yemen, Brig.Saif said.